Metal and plastic p-clamps have evolved. Take a look at the Ratchet P-Clamp!

At ZMS Group, we are committed to repairing and improving parts using established design practices. Therefore, when we received a request for a more functional way to install and clamp cables and hoses on construction machinery, we accepted this challenge.

We use our extensive cable tie design knowledge to solve all the mechanical limitations of the traditional P-Clamps that our customers told us.

The result is a Ratchet P-clamp. It is the easiest to operate, versatile and sturdy p-clamp for fastening and fixing cables, wires, pipes and hoses on the market. Just like a clip, you can also reopen and reuse it hundreds of times.

Advantage 1: P-clamp can be pre-installed before closing

Using the Ratchet P-clamp, you can now determine the required route of your cable, hose or pipe, even before the cable, pipe or hose is delivered!

This two-phase operation also gives you the freedom to split fastening and fixing tasks over time, or between installers or contractors.You can even attach the clamp to the harness before installation.

The ratchet p-clamp can be easily closed one-handed to an optimal diameter.The click of the ratchet assured the user that the clamp was safely closed.

Advantage 2: The clamp can be reopened at any time for maintenance

Unlike Omega plastic clips, plug-in clips or two-piece fixing clips, we designed the ratchet p-clip so that it can be reopened without having to remove the bundle from the fixing point.

This is a huge benefit for maintenance engineers, especially when the cable harness needs to be adjusted or modified to accommodate new connection points.

Simply insert a slotted screwdriver in the slot and lever out the ratchet to close. The plastic material is especially toughened so that you can reopen and reuse the titanium clamp.

Advantage 3: Reduce the number of clips and clips in the inventory

There are four sizes of ratchet P-clamps, all of which are adjustable.

Parts inventory can be greatly reduced, and installers no longer need to carry various fixed diameter clamps.

With only four ratchet clips and optional soft inserts, you can do without dozens of aluminum clamps and metal or plastic clips.

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