What is a Plastic Cable Cleats? What are the Advantages and Functions of Cable Cleats?

Advantages of cable cleat: cost-effective and UV resistant

Trust me. ZMS’s cable cleat is the best choice when laying cables.

Plastic power cable cleats are used to firmly fix the position of wires, cables and pipe fittings. The texture is tough and not easy to break.

Plastic power cable clip are a series of single-fixed cable cleat that provide a simple but firm way of fixing cables.

The standard cleats is made of black LDPE material. And it is available in a variety of sizes. The cleats is designed to securely hold the cable. It also supports easy cable release. It is economical and compact. We offer different sizes, and separate screw sizes must be installed.

ZMS Cable Cleats Advantages and Features:

Light weight-only 1/5 of metal

Insulation-very high resistance

Corrosion resistance-rust and corrosion prevention

Heat insulation-low thermal conductivity

Non-magnetic & non-magnetic

These characteristics make plastic cleats widely used in electronics Electrical, medical, automotive, semiconductor, civil engineering and other industries.

Application and Advantages of Standard Splint

-Provide black LDPE material, and provide a variety of sizes.

-The cleat is designed to securely hold the cable.

-It also supports easy cable release.

-It is cost-effective and compact.

The Details are as Follows:

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Features: High level of UV resistance

Working temperature: -20°C-+80°C

Purpose: Mainly fix PVC/XLPE SWA cables

Colour: Black

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