Strain Clamp

NLL Series Strain Clamps

The strain clamp is mainly used to fix the wire to withstand the tension of the wire and hang the wire to the tension string or the metal fitting of the tower. Strain clamps are used for corners, splices, and terminal connections. Spiral aluminum-clad steel wire has extremely strong tensile strength, no concentrated stress, and plays a role of protection and auxiliary vibration reduction for overhead lines.

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Tension Resistance of Strain Clamps


NLL Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp

Strain clamps can be roughly divided into two categories according to different structures and installation conditions.


*NLL series is suitable for aerial line up to 10KV, fixing aluminum wire orsteel core aluminum wire on the strain pole.

Advantages of Environmental Use

The outer diameter of the wire includes the wrapping. Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The specific size depends on the cable or project requirements for selection. Enquire Us Now.

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