Bare Conductor

bare copper conductor, AAAC, AAC, ACSR conductor

There are many types of bare conductors, in general, there are three types: round wire, type wire, and flexible wire. ZMS produces electrical bare conductors with high conductivity, high strength, high heat resistance, erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., ensuring the qualification rate and long service life. In general, the bare conductor can also refer to a conductor cable without insulation.

Bare Stranded Conductor

To a single metal material stranded into a single line, such as aluminum, copper, or aluminum alloy stranded wire.

Model classification of bare stranded wire
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Steel-core aluminum-stranded wire with a steel stranded wire as the core and aluminum or aluminum alloy wire stranded on the outside.

ZMS produces many types of steel core aluminum stranded wire.
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This is a bimetallic single-wire stranded into a stranded wire to increase the tensile strength, such as aluminum-clad steel stranded wire.

Aluminum clad steel strand
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These cables in the power network, line length account for more than 90% of the total, especially 110kv – 500kv high-voltage transmission and distribution lines are the vast majority.
Among them, steel-core aluminum stranded wire is the most widely used, because with a steel core to withstand the tension hanging on the pole, you can increase the pole spacing to reduce investment, especially high-voltage lines, and to extend the life of the wire, enhance safety.
Note: laying lines near erosion gas (such as seaside salt spray, and chemical plant areas), should be coated with anticorrosive coatings and corrosion-resistant steel-core aluminum stranded wire.


Thermal-resistant Aluminium-alloy Conductor TACSR (/ AW)
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Core(St, AW): Zinc-coated Steel Wire / Aluminum-clad Steel Wire(AW) : 14% ~ 40% AW
Conductor(TAI): Thermal Resistant Aluminum Alloy Wire used for continuously allowable temperature up to 150℃

Flexible & Braided Cables

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This type of cable is for special purposes, many models but the amount of less; such as electric ideas mechanical brush lines, battery parallel lines, antenna, grounding wires, and shielding net sleeves. The use of fine copper single wire by bunching, re-twisted, and becoming; a battery parallel line is generally made of flat, commonly known as the braid line; the shielding netting system is compiled, set in the requirements of shielding the wire outside.


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