MICC Cable

MICC Cable (Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable)

The acronym MICC stands for Mineral Insulated Copper Cable. Mineral insulated copper-clad cables are one of the most common fire-resistant cables. It is a cable that uses annealed copper as a conductor, dense magnesium oxide as insulation, and an annealed copper tube as a sheath. A plastic outer sheath is extruded on the annealed copper sheath when necessary. Special requirements are smoke-free and halogen-free occasions. A low-smoke, halogen-free sheath can be added to the outside.

Since all materials of this cable are made of inorganic materials, it has some advantages that other cables cannot have.
Such as fire prevention, large current carrying capacity, mechanical damage resistance, halogen-free non-toxic, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, long life, safety, overload resistance, high-temperature resistance, low cost, small bending radius, anti-termite, anti-mouse bite, copper protection features such as protective grounding wire.

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Structure Of Mineral Insulated Cable

MICC Cable --- Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable

  1. MICC Cable conductor: It is made of stranded copper wires with good bending characteristics.
  2. Insulation layer: Use high temperature resistant, non-combustible inorganic insulating material.
  3. Metal sheath: It is made of copper and copper alloy or stainless steel, which has good bending characteristics after special processing and can be used as a grounding wire.
  4. Outer sheath: low-smoke non-toxic plastic material with good anti-corrosion properties.
  • Rated Voltage: 500V

  • Core: 1, 2,  3, 4, 7, 12, 19

  • Section(mm²): 1.0~4.0

  • Rated Voltage: 750V
  • Core: 1, or 2, 3, 4

  • Section(mm²): 1~400 or 1~25

Main Application Places Of Mineral Insulated Cables

MICC works by using highly compressed magnesium oxide insulation to protect the copper conductors from fire, moisture, and other hazards.

1. Public buildings: public entertainment venues, high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, large shopping malls, stations, airports, ports, and other places with a large flow of people.

2. High-temperature places: transmission and distribution lines in the metallurgical industry, coke industry, shipbuilding factory, steel industry, glass industry, and other high-temperature occasions.

3. Dangerous places: petrochemical industry, oil refinery, gas station, paint, and paint industry, chemical industry, nuclear power plant, natural gas, mining, and other places.

4. Underground places: subways, underground warehouses, tunnels, underground squares, etc.

Electrical Characteristics Of Mineral Insulated Cables

flexible micc cable

BBTRZ Flexible Mineral Insulated Cable

Flexible mineral insulated cable consists of multi-stranded copper stranded wire, mica tape mineral insulation winding, alkali-free glass fiber dense filling, copper tape longitudinally wrapped and welded into a copper tube sheath.

micc cable

BBTRZ Rigid Mineral Insulated Cable

BTT series mineral insulated cable is a mineral insulated cable for international workers. It is a kind of cable with seamless outer sheath, filled with tightly compacted magnesium oxide crystal powder as insulation material in the middle, and the conductor is a single strand copper rod.

1. Rated insulation voltage: 0.6/1kv

2. Rated working voltage: 500V for light load, 750V for heavy load

3. Rated current: single core 25A-1800A, multi-core 16A-500A

4. Insulation resistance: insulation resistance ≥100Ω·KM. If the cable length is less than 100M, the insulation resistance is ≥10000MΩ

Outer Diameter (mm)
Allowed continuous
load capacity(A)
Allowable continuous
soil loading(A)

Related Accessories For Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable

MICC cable accessories include micc cable terminations, terminal blocks, grounding lugs, intermediate connector accessories, etc.


MICC Cable Termination

An intact end installed at the end of a mineral insulated cable, usually including a cap and a stuffing box or a combined end/stuffing box. Each cable requires a terminal.

Terminal Blocks

Used to connect conductors and control cabinet terminals or power supplies. It is composed of a press-fit nut, a press-fit oblique block, and a terminal body. There are two types of terminal blocks. One is the press-fit terminal block, which is suitable for connecting cables above 35mm2. Second, the crimping terminal is suitable for the connection of 6-25mm2 cables. Small size cables 4mm2 and below can be without terminal blocks.

Ground lug

When the copper sheath of the cable is used for grounding or the grounding of other electrical equipment connected with the copper sheath of the cable, a grounding sheet is required.

Intermediate connector accessories

When the cable length is not long enough, it is necessary to use the intermediate connector accessory. It is a device that connects two cables of the same specification into one cable. Cable does not need, heat shrinkable tubing, intermediate connecting terminal, fireproof porcelain column.

Micc Cable Product Characteristics

Fire Prevention
Since the cables are all composed of inorganic substances (metallic copper and magnesium oxide powder), they will not cause fire by themselves, and it is impossible to burn goods to support combustion. Since the melting point of copper is 1083 °C and the melting point of magnesium oxide is 2800 °C, MICC cables can continue to supply power in the event of a fire close to the melting point of copper. If you are hesitant to shop for mineral insulated cables, you need to understand that true fireproof cable. The only true fire survival cable is the MICC pyro cable. Mineral Insulated Cable is the only fireproof cable system that can survive real-world fire conditions. Because Mineral Insulated cable delivers ultimate fire performance.

Large Current Carrying Capacity
The thermal conductivity of magnesium oxide insulation material is much greater than that of mica insulation and organic insulation materials, and it has good heat dissipation. Therefore, for cables with the same cross-section, mineral insulated cables can carry more current than mica insulated and organic insulated cables. At the same time, because mineral insulated cables are considered less derating factor than organic insulated cables, the cross-section requirements are naturally reduced.

Good Waterproof Performance
The copper sheath used in the mineral insulated cable is a seamless copper tube, the water molecules are completely blocked out, and the waterproof performance is excellent.

Explosion Proof
The copper sheath used in the mineral insulated cable is a seamless copper tube, and the magnesium oxide powder is tightly compacted. The flammable gas, oil vapor, and flame cannot reach the electrical equipment connected to the cable, so the cable has explosion-proof characteristics.

Copper has good corrosion resistance and does not require any additional protection under normal use. Under special environmental conditions, such as an environment with strong corrosion to copper, only an additional layer is needed outside the cable. The plastic outer sheath can achieve corrosion resistance, so the cable has good corrosion resistance.

High-Temperature Resistance
Mineral insulated cables can work continuously and normally at a high temperature of 250 °C, and work for a short time at 1083 °C, which is close to the melting point of copper, while the magnesium oxide insulating material will not undergo any change in properties at this time. This feature is suitable for use in metallurgy, cement, and other high-temperature environments.

Resistance To Mechanical Damage
The conductor and metal sheath of mineral insulated cables has certain strength and toughness. Magnesium oxide is highly compressed during cable processing. The conductor, sheath, and insulation form a dense whole. Therefore, the sheath will not be damaged when the cable is deformed by impact, bending, flattening, torsion, etc. The relative position between the core wires and between the core wire and the sheath remains unchanged, no short circuit will occur, and the electrical performance will not be affected.

Smokeless And Non-Toxic
Mineral insulated cables are all composed of inorganic substances (metallic copper and magnesium oxide powder), so even if the cable does not ignite spontaneously under fire conditions, it will not produce smoke and toxic gases. It is a safe and environmentally friendly cable in the true sense.

Long Life
The materials used in mineral insulated cables are all inorganic and do not age. The service life can be calculated according to the rate of oxidation and corrosion of the copper sheath. According to the data, it takes 257 years for the sheath to oxidize 0.25 mm at an ambient temperature of 250℃, while the thickness of the copper sheath of the mineral insulated cable is generally between 0.31-1.17 mm, and the actual use temperature is lower than 250℃, so the cable It is a permanent cable.

Copper Sheath Can Be Used As Grounding Wire
For mineral insulated cables, due to the continuity of the copper sheath and extremely low grounding resistance, it can be used as a grounding wire, so that a protective grounding wire can be omitted.

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