Overhead Line Fitting

Overhead Line Fitting

ZMS is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electric power fitting and cable accessories. Our main products are cable connectors, overhead line fitting (copper, aluminum and iron), cable accessories, lightning arresters and insulators. The quality of our products meets the requirements of IS09001 / 2000.

Kind of Overhead Line Fittings

  • Link Fittings
  • Protective Fittings
  • Guy Wire Fittings
  • Splicing Fittings
  • Strain clamp
  • Suspension Clamps

  • Insulation Piercing Clamp

  • Overhead Line Damper

  • Overhead Line Fixing Cleats
  • Professional Customization
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Overhead Line Fitting

Kind of the Overhead Line Accessories Productors

Link Fittings

Link Fittings

Link fittings are mainly used to connect insulators, suspension clamps, strain clamps and protective fittings to form a suspension or strain string.

Protective Fittings

Protective fittings are mainly used to reduce the vibration amplitude of overhead power line wires and lightning protection wires. As well as the voltage equalization shielding of the insulator strings of lines and substations above 330kv. Such as anti-vibration hammer, spacer rod, pressure equalizing shield ring, etc.

Guy Wire Fittings

Guy wire fittings are mainly used to fix the cable tower, including all the parts from the top of the tower to the ground cable. The safe operation of the cable tower is mainly ensured by the cable and other cable fittings.

Splicing Fittings

Splicing fittings are mainly used for the connection and repair of conductors and lightning protection wires of overhead power lines. The structure and installation methods can be divided into compression type, bolt type and pre-twisted wire.

The DC resistance of various splicing fittings is not greater than the DC resistance of equal-length wires; the current-carrying temperature rise is lower than that of the wire. The grip strength of the compression type continuous tube to the wire is not less than 95% of the calculated breaking force of the wire.


Bolt-type aluminum alloy strain clamps are suitable for use in overhead lines of 20kv and below. Fix the aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire on the tension rod for the supporting use of the overhead insulated aluminum wire and the insulating cover to play the role of insulation protection.

Suspension Clamps

Suspension clamps are used to fix the wires on the insulator string of the straight pole tower, or to suspend the lightning protection wire on the straight pole tower. At the same time, it can also be used to support the transposition wire on the transposition pole tower and fix the jumper wire of the tensile corner pole tower.

Insulation Puncture Clamp

The insulation piercing clamp can pierce the insulation layer of the cable, and it can realize the electrical connection, insulation and sealing of the aerial bundled cable.

High-Voltage Overhead Line Fixing Cleats

High-Voltage Overhead Line Fixing Cleats

The product is made of high-strength anti-corrosion aluminum alloy material. It is mainly used to fix the position of the cable, and it is clamped by screw fastening. The fixing clip has a compact and reasonable structure, convenient and flexible installation, and does not damage the cable.

Overhead Line Damper

Overhead Line Damper

Overhead line damper is designed to reduce the vibration of overhead wires caused by wind. So as to avoid long-term and periodic vibration causing fatigue damage to the wire, and protect other fittings and insulators.

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