Cable Glands

Cable Glands are indispensable in power transmission equipment, and ZMS mainly produces industrial cable glands and connectors and accessories with fire and explosion-proof characteristics. They are mainly used in electrical connection and protection systems, including explosion-proof glands, stainless steel cable glands, waterproof metal cable glands, explosion-proof cable glands, and so on.


Types of the Electrical Cable Glands

Nylon Cable Gland
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Nylon Cable Gland

Suitable for all types of SWA extruded bedding cables where an IP66 seal must be produced on the outer sheath and an IP66 or explosion proof seal on the inner sheath. It provides a seal for both the inner and outer sheath of the cable.

  • It is suitable for mechanical control boxes, switchboards, electromechanical, etc.
  • Special design, good tensile strength, and no damage to the motor.
  • The cable can be inserted directly, which is convenient to tighten and save time.
  • Material: UL certification 94V-2 nylon 66, rubber seal.
  • Protection Degree: IP68.
  • Operating Temperature: static -40℃ to 100℃, dynamic -21℃ to 80℃, short time to 100℃.
  • Color: black, gray, and other colors.
Brass Cable Gland
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Brass Cable Gland

Suitable for all single-core armored cables with plastic or rubber insulation used in indoor or outdoor applications, if used in indoor applications no internal or external sealing of weathering characteristics is required.

Protection grade: IP30
Material: Brass to BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3 .
Thread sizes: ISO Metric (Mefric); American (NPT); British (BSP); German (PG) or on request.
Plating options: brass plated, nickel plated, chrome plated or as per customer’s requirement.
Operating temperature: -80 °C ~ +300 °C
Optional accessories: pipe sleeve, lock nut, inlet sealing washer, grounding ring, shock absorbing washer, adapter/reducer, brake plug, reducer.

Stainless Steel Cable Gland
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Stainless Steel Cable Gland

  • Features: special design of clamping die and rubber parts, large range of clamping cables, super tensile resistance.
  • Waterproof cable gland, dustproof, strong resistance to salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, grease, and general solvents.
  • Material: Made of 304 stainless steel and nitrile rubber (NBR).
  • Operating Temperature: static 40-100, instantaneous thermal resistance up to 120, dynamic 20-80, instantaneous thermal resistance up to 100.
  • Protection Degree: IP68
  • Color: black, gray, and special colors, can be designed as required.

****** Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The specific size depends on the cable or project requirements for selection. Inquire Us Now.

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