Aluminum Conductor Composite Core – ACCC/TW Cable

Aluminum Conductor Composite Core - ACCC/TW Conductors

Aluminum Conductor Composite Core cable (ACCC/TW conductor cable) is a new generation of traditional aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR conductor) cable. It is a new type of wire for overhead transmission lines. It has the advantages of a lightweight, tensile resistance, good thermal stability, small slip, strong co-current ability per unit area, and corrosion resistance. This product is widely used in seaside, and mining areas, with high corrosion intensity, high pollution intensity, and conductors that are easy to dance with and other environments. The ACCC/TW carbon fiber composite wire produced by the ZMS cable manufacturer has excellent product quality. Fast and complete acceptance specifications guarantee our ability to deliver safely.

Aluminum Conductor Composite Core - ACCC/TW Features

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ACCC/TW (Aluminum Composite Core) is a high-temperature low sag (HTLS) overhead power line conductor cable. ACCC/TW carbon fiber composite conductor is our company’s new type of overhead power line. The cable’s central performance reinforcement assembly is made of carbon fiber and glass fiber composites. 2-4 The 1350-type aluminum (alloy) wires that were returned are checked on the periphery of the reinforcement. The returned 1350 aluminum (alloy) wire meets the requirements of ASTM B857/ASTM B609.

ACCC/TW overhead lines are in many ways due to the current Concentric Stranded Aluminum Strands (ACSR or ACSS). Product advantages are reflected in transmission capacity, wire sag, wire loss, the structure of reinforcing core, etc. At the same time, the installation, and replacement of the product are very convenient, the line can be quickly replaced at a lower cost, and the transmission capacity of the line can be increased. This brings huge benefits to power companies. Ultimately, it brings convenience to industry, businesses, and residents.

ACCC/TW (Aluminum Composite Core) is one of the materials with high-temperature low sag  (HTLS conductor). Other materials for high-temperature low trap conductors are the Invar Conductor series (TACIR and ZTACIR), Gap Type Conductor, ACSS Type Conductor, TACSR/AW Type Conductor, etc.

Aluminum Conductor Composite Core - ACCC/TW Features

ACCC/TW carbon fiber composite conductors also have some important features and advantages compared to traditional concentrically stranded aluminum stranded conductors (ACSR or ACSS):

1. The wire can work continuously at a high temperature of 175 °C without failure, and at 200 °C it can be kept at a temperature of C for a short time.
2. The wire has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than conventional ACSR or ACSS, allowing the central reinforcement core to have better sag when operating at high temperatures.
3. The wire is hardly affected by the long-term creep of the outer aluminum wire.
4. After increasing the area of the aluminum wire, the weight per unit length is still lighter than the traditional steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS) the latter.
5. The wire adopts annealed aluminum wire-stranded structure on the periphery of the reinforcing core, which makes it have self-damping characteristics, which makes the line anti-vibration, without the need for vibration damping devices such as anti-vibration hammers.
6. Eliminate corrosion between existing galvanized or 5% zinc-aluminum-rare-earth-cerium alloy steel-cored aluminum stranded wires.

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