Dead End Clamp

Plastic Dead end Clamp

ZMS dead end clamps are of high quality and affordable, and account for a very high proportion of the company’s accessory sales.
The dead end clamp material we produce is made of metal or plastic with the highest purity. ZMS Cable Company not only produces high-quality dead end clamp accessoreis but also high-quality other overhead line fittings (strain clamp, suspension clamps, insulation piercing clamps, groove clamps, PVC bird flight diverter, down lead clamps, or other overhead fixtures).

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Dead End Clamp (Tension Clamp) Characteristics

● The mechanical strength of the tension clamp is high, and its grip strength is greater than 95% CUTS.
● Simple installation and construction aspect.
● Anti-theft device can be installed to avoid theft.
● The material of tension clip is a weather-resistant insulating material.
● Excellent anti-corrosion properties and resistance to electrochemical corrosion.
● It can effectively improve the way of shock resistance of electric wire. Extend the service life of the wire.

Three Commonly Used Dead End Clamps

Overhead Aluminum Alloy Dead End Clamp

Metal dead end tension clamps are used to fix and fasten LV-ABC wires with insulated neutral messengers. These clamps can be installed without tools and are suitable for all climatic conditions.

Structural Features

● The body is made of aluminum alloy.
● The fixtures are made of UV-resistant synthetic material. They are fixed.
● The stainless steel flexible connection cable is fixed. It is equipped with a compression-resistant, insulated and removable saddle.
● The neutral messenger with fixed insulation by the cleats does not damage the insulation.

Dead end clamps are customized

Overhead Insulated Plastic Dead End Clamp

Plastic tension clamps are used to suspend stranded cables with insulated neutral wires. It is suitable for the connection of insulated cables with specifications (16mm²~120mm²).

Structural Features

● This tension clip is made of high-strength aluminum alloy casting, which has oxidation resistance and will not lose electrical energy.
● It can ensure that it will not be broken in one minute when the operating frequency is greater than or equal to 18KV.
● It is characterized by simple and reliable installation, which can be directly mounted on the insulation layer.
● When installing, pay attention to the opening of the body should be as far down as possible, and use the wire puller to pull up the wire to the right position. Also, note that the two wedge-shaped cores should be kept flush.


NLL Aluminum Alloy Dead End Clamp

NLL aluminum alloy tensile clamp is used to fix aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire. It is used to support the use between the overhead insulated aluminum wire and the insulation cover, which can play the role of insulation protection.

Structural Features

● Good weather resistance, constant clamping force.
● High overload capacity, can reach more than 2 times the rated current.
● Good thermal cycling performance, DC resistance ratio remains below 1 during operation.
● Good material, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation.

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