Type of Cable lugs

Electrical Cable Lugs Types

The function of the cable lugs is to connect the cable to the electrical appliance, other cables, surface, or mechanical equipment. You can buy various industry-standard cable lugs at ZMS. ZMS has a wide range of cable lugs for terminating or connecting cables, like DTL bimetallic aluminum terminal lugs, DL cable terminal lugs, DT copper terminal lugs, etc.

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Kind of the Power Cable Terminal Lugs

DTL Bimetallic Cable Lugs

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DTL copper-aluminum terminal lugs are suitable for excessive connection between aluminum core cables of power distribution devices and copper ends of electrical equipment. Our production of bimetallic cable lug not only looks beautiful but also has good conductivity. Usually, wiring is also safer, in the power distribution cabinet distribution, electrical industry, machinery industry with more.

DL Aluminum Terminal Lugs

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DL terminal lugs are used to connect aluminum core cables to the aluminum ends of electrical equipment. The cable aluminum terminal lug products use friction welding process manufacturing, with high weld strength, good energizing performance, resistance to galvanic corrosion, long service life, and so on.

DT Copper Terminal Lugs

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DT copper terminal lugs are used to connect copper core cables to the copper ends of electrical equipment. The product is commonly used in cable end connection and renewal. Can make the cable and electrical connection more solid, more secure. It has the characteristics of high weld strength, good energizing performance, anti-electrochemical corrosion, and long service life. It is a commonly used material in the construction, electrical industry, machinery industry, etc.

The Other Type of Power Cable Terminal Lugs

Mechanical Lugs and Connectors
Mechanical Lugs and Connectors2
OTD Bimetal Cable Lug
OTD Bimetal Cable Lug
CP Cable Lug
Cable Connector
GT Copper Connector Tube
GLU Aluminum Connector Tube
GTY aluminum Cable Lug
DTL-S Double Holes Bimetal Cable Lug
DTL-S Double Holes Bimetal Cable Lug
DTL-F Bimetal Cable Lug
DT-S Double Holes Copper Cable Lug
Pre Insulated Bimetal Lugs

The Function of The Power Cable Lugs

The Fuction for Different Types of Eletrical Cable Lugs

ZMS Cable Accessories Factory

The Function of Cable Lugs

The crimping terminal lugs is designed to be easy to install and disassemble for easy repair or maintenance. A section of the cable lug is usually used to connect the cable, depending on the type, it can be welded or crimped. Then you can connecting end of the lug can be fixed to the corresponding position or connection point by bolts, screws or spring clips. They have many sizes, configurations, and material types are usually available to suit specific applications, but metal is the main material used. Cable lugs can not only be used in power cable systems, but can also be found in automobiles, machinery, household appliances, electronic products and other wiring systems. For electrical purposes, cable lugs are usually insulated with rubber or plastic to prevent accidental transfer of electricity to people or nearby electrical components.

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