Electric Cable Insulators

Electric Cable Insulators are one of the important components widely used in contact nets. The insulator materials produced by ZMS are usually made of high-quality porcelain or composite. The most commonly used types are Pin type insulators, Suspension type insulators, Strain insulators, and Shackle insulators.

Advantages of ZMS Power Line Insulators

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Power Line Insulator

Main Types of Power Line Insulators

Strain insulators

Strain Type insulators

  • Strain insulator is an electrical insulator.
  • They are commonly used in overhead transmission lines and are designed to work under conditions of mechanical tension changes in order to withstand the tension of suspended wires or cables.
  • The typical strain insulator is made of glass, porcelain, or composite.
  • Under certain conditions, strained insulators can be used in series: a group of insulators are connected to each other through dedicated hardware.
  • In this way, the strained insulator can not only withstand greater physical tension, but also has higher and more effective insulation properties.
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Pin type insulators

Pin Type insulator

  • Pin-type insulators are power line insulators developed earlier.
  • They are commonly used in power distribution systems with a maximum voltage level of 33kv.
  • Pin insulators are usually made of porcelain, but in some cases glass or plastic can also be used.
  • Since pin insulators are usually used in the open air, they are designed with canopies or petticoats. This can keeps its inner surface dry and non-conductive.
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Suspension insulator

Suspension Type insulator

  • When the overhead line voltage level exceeds 33kv, the volume and weight of the pin insulator will become larger.
  • In this way, the pin insulator becomes very uneconomical. Therefore, we use suspension insulators to deal with voltage systems higher than 33KV.
  • Suspension insulators are composed of many porcelain plates, which are connected to each other by wire-shaped metal chains.
  • Each disc is designed for low voltage, such as 11kv. The sign of the disc depends on the operating voltage.
  • Suspended insulators are the first choice for high-voltage transmission lines.
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Shackle insulator

Shackle Type insulators

  • Shackle-type insulators are commonly used on low-voltage and medium-voltage overhead transmission lines.
  • This insulator can work in two positions, horizontal or vertical.
  • The tapered holes of the shackle insulator can distribute the load more evenly and reduce the possibility of rupture in case of heavy load.
  • The raw materials used in this insulator are mostly porcelain.
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Cooperation With ZMS

ZMS’ outstanding service extends its reach beyond manufacturing to provide customized solutions for specific customer requirements. This partnership combines ZMS Cable’s expertise in cable manufacturing with the partnership’s proficient skills in deployment, installation and maintenance to maximize customer efficiency and value.


Supply of Cable Insulators for Infrastructure Projects in the UAE

  • Suspension insulator 165 mm (6 1/2 “)
  • Pin Insulator for 15 KV
  • 3 1/2 “Tensile Insulator ANSI 54-1 

ZMS achieves timely delivery, a 99.9% pass rate, and provides several qualification certificates.

Consulting and Design
ZMS Cable and its partners utilize their collective knowledge and experience to provide consulting services to help customers conceptualize and design customized cable solutions.

Supply and Distribution
As a manufacturer, ZMS Cable ensures a seamless supply chain that guarantees timely delivery of high quality cables to project sites. Ensuring that time, projects stay on schedule.

Testing and Certification
Quality assurance is at the core of the philosophy of ZMS Cable and its partners. Before commissioning, all installations undergo rigorous testing and certification to verify compliance with relevant standards and specifications.

Maintenance and Support
The partnership doesn’t stop at supply; ZMS Cable offers a one-and-a-half-year warranty. From routine inspections to troubleshooting and repairs to maximize the normal life of the cable.

Looking to The Future
As technology continues to evolve and interconnectivity becomes more integral to our daily lives, the partnership between ZMS Cable and service providers will continue to be at the forefront of innovation. Together, they will continue to push the boundaries and advancements that will shape the future of connectivity for generations to come.

The Function of Power Line Insulators

ZMS Cable Accessories Factory

ZMS Production Process

ZMS Cable produces many types of high-quality power line insulators for sale all over the world, low to high-voltage insulators. The ZMS production plant further strengthens quality control in terms of design, raw materials, and process. We work hard for global access to electricity. Only high-quality cables and cable accessories have the value of production! ZMS company takes product quality as its primary goal. We are well adapted to the requirements of the development of the power grid, and our manufacturing level has reached the international lead. At the same time, we continue to develop new products of electrical insulators according to different grid construction needs, making contributions to the construction of smart grids. As a result, ZMS has become the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of power cables and cable accessories. According to statistics, the failure rate of insulators is 0.3‰, of which the high voltage part is 0.1‰, and the glass and porcelain insulators are 0.2‰.

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