Coaxial Cable


Coaxial cables are used as transmission cables for radio frequency signals. Common applications for coaxial cables include video and CATV distribution, RF and microwave transmission, and computer and instrument data connections. An armored coaxial cable comprises concentric electrical conductors and a layer of insulating material. This structure ensures that the signal is enclosed in the cable and prevents external interference with the signal.

ZMS Cables offers coaxial cable customization and guarantees first delivery.

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Description of ZMS Coaxial Cable

RG 58 C/U 50 Coaxial Cable
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M17/RG Series Coaxial Cable

M17/RG Series Coaxial Cables are used for broadband transmission of radio, television, video, and data signals. Suitable for levels up to GHz-a, with low attenuation and low signal distortion. RG58 coaxial cable is used for the instrument. Connection in two-way radio systems and for measuring equipment. Low-dielectric-constant polyethylene enables high-speed signal diffusion and good installation flexibility. Permitted only indoors, especially outdoors, and protected from sunlight.

Standard: MIL-C-17F, MIL-C-17G

MIL-C-17F 50 Ohm – M17/84-RG 223(RG 223/U), M17/60-RG 142(RG 142B/U), M17/111-RG 303(RG 303/U), M17/112-RG 304(RG 304/U)
RG Series 50 Ohm – RG 58 ER, RG 58 CX, RG 174 UR, RG 213 BX, RG 213 TY, RG 58 U43(URM43), RG 213 URM(URM67)
Combination Coaxial Cable 75 Ohm – Twin RG 6, Twin RG 59, RG175 + 3 x 0.22mm2, RG175 + 2 x 0.22mm2 + 2 x 0.5mm2, RG175 + 4 x 0.22mm2 + 2 x 0.75mm2

Triaxial cable
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Triaxial Cable Series

Triaxial cable is a cable similar to coaxial cable but with additional insulation and a two-layer conductive jacket. It offers greater bandwidth and interference suppression than coaxial cable. ZMS Cables offers a wide range of high voltage coaxial shielded cables, hv triaxial shielded cables, high voltage unshielded cables, and hv multi-core cables. Triaxial cables can be used not only as signal conductors but also as power conductors. The most common use is to connect video cameras to the appropriate equipment so that control and signals are all transmitted using one cable.

Conductor material: tinned copper
Sheath color: yellow
Outer insulation material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Model: Tri-RG179, Tri-RG180, Tri-RG316, CTX 41, CTX 44 Flex, CTX 47 Flex, CTX 64

LCX22(7/8″)R Coaxial Cable
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50Ohm Wide Band Coaxial Cable

50Ohm Wide Band Coaxial Cables offer excellent performance in transmitting power and voltage signals over longer distances. 50 ohms is the balance between power capacity and loss for air dielectric coaxial cables. Designed to ensure that data signals pass through the cable most efficiently, they maintain signal strength while also ensuring reliable integrity and superior quality.

This variety of cables is designed for communication. Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless antenna communication: wireless microphones, two-way wireless radios, etc. Suitable for a wide variety of applications. Available in outdoor, riser grade, and water seal options.

Model: RF42(1-5/8″), RF32(1-1/4″), RF22(7/8″), RF16(5/8″) , RF12(1/2″), RF8(3/8″), RF6(1/4″)

BT3002 Series Coaxial Cable
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BT3002 Coaxial Cable

For the BT3002 coaxial cable, the single core is easy to solder, and in terms of performance, it has a little better impedance uniformity than the multi-core.

Maximum inner conductor DC resistance (Ohm/km@20℃): 236 Minimum insulation resistance (Gohm. km): 10
Capacitance (pF/m): Nom.67
Impedance(ohm): 75
Withstanding voltage (Vdc 50Hz/1min.): 1500
Cable crosstalk between two coaxials (dB): 80

Operating Temperature Range(℃): -25℃ to +70
ROHS environmental protection: comply with the standard

Model: BT3002 Single core, BT3002 8 core, BT3002 16 core

Our Product Advantages

In terms of national and international standards, ZMS cables comply with British Standards (BS), LPCB, and ISO standards, among others.
etc. Over the years, ZMS has gained a global presence with a wide range of retailers and customers worldwide due to the high quality of its products and excellent customer service. Today, we offer the widest range of wire and cable products and ZMS is expanding its network of customers in Europe and Asia.

ZMS has always been known in the industry for its stringent quality requirements, excellent service levels, as well as competitive market prices, and unique spirit of innovation. We are committed to the development of new technologies and actively keep pace with the market to diversify our product and service offerings to continuously satisfy our customers’ needs. At the same time, we understand the need for technological change in production, so we actively formulate development plans to capitalize on future market opportunities, and we will ensure the continued growth of our business with excellent service and quality.


The ZMS cable factory works closely with its customers to improve the compatibility of its products and technologies to provide solutions for different industries. We are committed to improving the compatibility of our products and technologies to provide solutions for different industries. This includes the customization of cables for different needs and types.

Cable Testing

Every cable manufactured by ZMS is tested to strict standards to ensure its quality. In addition to the following tests, our cables have passed ISO4589-2/BS2863 (Oxygen Index Test), ISO4589-3/BS2782.1 (Temperature Index Test), ES713 (Toxicity Index Test), and so on.

Determination of halogen gas content

IEC 60754-1/BS6425-1 (Determination of halogen gas content)

Toxicity testing for cable production

IEC 60754-2 (ZMS coaxial is tested for cable toxicity after production)

Production cable smoke density test

IEC 61034-1/ASTM E662 (Smoke density testing of cables after production)

Partnering with ZMS

Provision of broadband coaxial cables for Bangladesh

Broadband Coaxial Cable for Bangladesh

  • Wide Band Coaxial Feeder Cable 1/2  (3000m)
  • Wide Band Coaxial Feeder Cable 7/8″ (3000m)

ZMS guarantees production within 21 days and offers an 18-month warranty and multiple product qualification certificates.

Various types of coaxial cables for Zimbabwe

Various Types of Coaxial Cables for Zimbabwe

  • RG6 Dual Coaxial Cable Black Colour (2000m)
  • Cat6 Cable Indoor Grey Colour (2000m)
  • Cat5 Cable Indoor Grey Colour (2000m)

ZMS guarantees production within 15 days and offers an 18-month warranty and multiple product qualification certificates.


What is the minimum order quantity?

Regarding the minimum order quantity, we set it according to the cable materials and products, and there is a certain fluctuation, no matter how much your MOQ is, please send us an e-mail to clarify the products you want to order, and we will reply to you in time!

What are the biggest advantages of ZMS coaxial cables?

Coaxial cable is typically used for cable TV and Internet connections. Twisted pair cables are usually used for telephone connections.ZMS produces coaxial cables to support longer cable lengths.In terms of quality, we have strict quality assurance and the products are affordable and cheaper.

How is the product packaging?

According to the General Cable Packaging Practice, the cable is usually installed on a wooden/steel reel. The flange of the reel is painted with an arrow indicating the direction in which the reel rolls. If the drum rolls in the opposite direction, the cable will unwind and become loose.
All drums should be stored in such a way that sufficient space is left between them for air circulation. Under no circumstances should drums be stored “flat”, i.e. with the flange horizontal. ZMS packages the products according to the customer’s requirements, if you need to spray lettering and other markings, we can provide them.

If you don’t know how to choose the products you need, or don’t find the cable type and size you need on this page, don’t worry. Contact us and send us your requirements, we can help you choose the right cable. You can provide us with the following information: cable voltage, conductor material, insulation and sheath material, shield type, armor type, etc. or you can provide us with cable installation environment, application requirements, etc. We will serve you wholeheartedly. ZMS Cable Supplier has a number of quality certification: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, etc.

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