Coaxial Cable - MIL-C-17F RG


Coaxial cables are used as transmission cables for radio frequency signals. Common applications for coaxial cables include video and CATV distribution, RF and microwave transmission, and computer and instrument data connections.
A coaxial cable is made up of concentric electrical conductors and a layer of insulating material. This structure ensures that the signal is enclosed in the cable and prevents external interference with the signal.

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Description of ZMS Cable Products


MIL-C-17F RG 58 C/U 50 Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are used for broadband transmission of radio, television, video, and data signals. Suitable for levels up to GHz-a, with low attenuation and low signal distortion. RG58 coaxial cable is used for the instrument. Connection in two-way radio systems and for measuring equipment. Low-dielectric-constant polyethylene enables high-speed signal diffusion and good installation flexibility. Permitted only indoors, especially outdoors, and protect from sunlight.
MIL-C-17F, MIL-C-17G
Inner Conductor: Tinned Copper, Fine Wired Stranded, Diameter 0.9 ± 0.01 mm, 19 × 0.18 mm
Insulation (Dielectric): Polyethylene, External Diameter 2.95 ± 0.05 mm
External Conductor: Braid Of Tinned Copper Wires 0.10 mm, 96% Optical Overlap
Sheath: PVC, External Diameter 4.95 ± 0.10 mm
Sheath Color: Black

RG 58 C/U 50 Coaxial Cable

MIL-C-17F RG 6 Coaxial Cable

RG-6 coaxial cable is commonly used in equipment. Low dielectric constant foamed polyethylene can achieve high-speed signal diffusion, and has good installation flexibility. It can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors, or it can be used in the wall.
MIL-C-17F, MIL-C-17G
Inner conductor copper-clad steel (CCS) Φ1.02 mm
Dielectric foam PEΦ4.57 ± 0.20 mm
Tape Shield (shield 1) bonded aluminum/polyester
Shield coverage 100%
Outer conductor (shield 2) aluminum 96 × 0.12 mm
Shield coverage rate 82%
Sheath PVC or LSZHΦ6.91 mm

RG 6 Coaxial Cable

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