Suspension Clamps

Cable Suspension clamps are mainly used for overhead power lines or substations. It can hang the wire, the lightning protection wire on the insulator string, or the lightning protection wire on the tower by connecting the fittings. Suspension clamps are mainly made of malleable iron and aluminum alloy.
The meaning of the alphanumerics in the product model is:

Suspension Clamps
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The meaning of the alphanumerics in the product model is:

X – Dangling line clamp;
G – Fixed type;
S – Double line clamp;
U – U type screw;
J – Reinforced;
H – Aluminum alloy;

F – Corona-proof type;
K – Upper bar type;
T – Bag type;
A – Bowl head hanging plate;
B – Belt U-shaped hanging board;
X – Sag

Tension Resistance of Suspension Clamps

A cable suspension clamp is connecting hardware used to suspend cable conductors in transmission line poles (towers). It reduces static stresses at the support point, improves the vibration resistance of the cable, and buffers dynamic stresses from wind and sand vibrations.

The suspension of the suspension clamp is not less than 25°, the radius of curvature is not less than 8 times the diameter of the wire to be installed, and the percentage value of the grip strength of different wires and the calculated breaking force of the wires should not be less than the values in the table below.

Table of ZMS Suspension Clamp Clamping Force as a Percentage of Rated Tensile Force on Wire

Suspension Clamps

Electrical Cable Suspension Clamp Types

XGH Aluminum Alloy Clamp

XGF Suspension Clamp

XGF Suspension Clamp(hang-down type)

CS Suspension Clamp

XGF Suspension Clamp(corona-prool type)

XGF Suspension Clamp(carried-up type)

XGF Suspension Clamp

CGB Suspension Clamp

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When the suspended wire clamp is used for aluminum-stranded wire and steel core-stranded wire, aluminum tape or protective wire can be wrapped around the wire to protect the wire, and the outer diameter of the wire includes the wrapping layer. Note: The above parameters are for reference only. Specific suspension clamp sizes or specifications can be customized according to cable or project requirements. Consult us now.

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