Electrical Cable Accessories

Cable accessories are an essential part of any cable project. As a professional manufacturer of cables and cable accessories, ZMS company can provide you with correct and complete cable accessories recommendations to ensure the integrity of the electrical system. We work hard for global access to electricity. Only high-quality cables and cable accessories have the value of production!

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Kind of the Power Cable Accessories Productors

Cable Terminations and Joints

  • Our cable termination kit equipment can be widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway ports and construction fields.
  • According to the material, the cable terminations can be divided into: heat shrinkable cable terminations and cold shrinkable cable terminations.
  • Its working voltage includes 1kv cable connector, 10kv cable connector, 35kv cable connector or higher voltage level.

Cable Insulators

  • Insulators are one of the most important parts of overhead transmission lines.
  • The most commonly used types are Pin insulators, suspension insulators, strain insulators, and shackle insulators.
  • They are usually made of high-quality porcelain or composite.
  • Porcelain Insulators
  • Composite Insulators

Cable Lugs

  • Cable lugs are mainly used for tapping between the outlet section of the substation bus and electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, isolating switches, wall sleeves, etc.)
  • For example, DTL series copper and aluminum terminal blocks, DL terminal blocks, DT copper terminal blocks, etc.
  • Aluminum Cable Lugs
  • Copper Cable Lugs

Kind of the Overhead Line Fitting Productors

Overhead Line Fitting

  • The main products of ZMS overhead line accessories are Link Fittings, Protective Fittings, Guy Wire Fittings, Splitting Fittings, Strain clamp, Suspension Clamps, etc.
  • Product quality complies with IS09001/2000 standards.
  • Kinds of Overhead Line Fitting Products
  • Professional Customization

Suspension Clamps

  • Suspension clamps are mainly used for overhead power lines or substations. It can hang the wire, the lightning protection wire on the insulator string or the lightning protection wire on the tower by connecting the fittings.
  • When the suspension clamp is used for aluminum stranded wire and steel-core stranded wire, it can be wrapped with aluminum tape or protective wire around the wire to protect the wire.
  • High Strength & Reliable Grip
  • Simple Installation & Easy to Use

Strain Clamps

  • The strain clamp is mainly used to fix the wire to withstand the tension of the wire and hang the wire to the tension string or the metal fitting of the tower. Strain clamps are used for corners, splices, and terminal connections.
  • Simple installation and easy to use. It can greatly shorten the construction time, without any special tools, one person can complete the operation. Our wire clamps are made of high-quality materials with strong corrosion resistance. The buckle structure is simple to install and can be reused.
  • High Strength & Reliable Grip
  • Simple Installation & Easy to Use

Insulation Piercing Clamp

  • The insulation piercing clamp can pierce the insulation layer of the cable, and it can realize the electrical connection, insulation and sealing of the aerial bundled cable.
  • This product has a puncture structure and is easy to install without stripping the insulated cable. It has a constant puncture pressure, and the self-sealing structure ensures good moisture and corrosion resistance. It can achieve a long service life in harsh environments.
  • 1KV Insulation Piercing Clamp
  • 10KV Insulation Piercing Clamp

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      We Provide High Quality Products and The Most Professional Cable Accessories Project Solutions.
      Get Free Quote, We Will Reply You In 24 Hour.

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