Self Regulating Heating Cable

Self Regulating Heating Cable

Self-Regulating Heating Cables are high quality, easy to install, have a long service life and come with an 18 month warranty.

Self-regulating heating cables automatically adjust their power output in response to temperature changes. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our heating cables meet the needs of most applications including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, extension cord heating, freeze protection and more.

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Self Regulating Heating Cable Types

LV self-regulating low-temperature electric heat tracing cable
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LV Self Regulating Low-Temperature Electric Heat Tracing Cable

Rated voltage: 240V/120V
Withstand temperature: 65℃(continuous)/85℃(instantaneous)
Suitable accompanying temperature: 40℃
Overall dimension: 5.3×12.6mm (can be customized)
Small bending radius: 30mm
ZMS Commitment: 16AWG copper wire, semiconductor heating core, insulation sheath, tinned copper braid, optional outer sheath.

Type NumberOutput Power
HV self-regulating medium temperature electric heat tracing cable
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HV Self-Regulating Medium Temperature Electric Heat Tracing Cable

Voltage: 240V / 120V
Withstand temperature: 110 ℃ (continuous) / 135 ℃ (instantaneous)
Suitable accompanying temperature: 80℃
Overall dimensions: 4.6 × 11.7mm (can be customized)
Small bending radius: 30mm
ZMS Commitment: 14AWG copper wire, semiconductor heating core, insulation jacket, tinned copper braid, optional outer jacket

Type NumberOutput Power
PGH self-regulating high temperature electric heat accompanying cable
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PGH Self Regulating High Temperature Electric Heat Accompany Cable

Rated voltage: 240V/120V
Tracer temperature: 190℃(continuous)/230℃(instantaneous)
Suitable accompanying heat temperature: 121℃
Overall dimension: 7.5*11.6mm (can be customized)
Small bending radius: 30mm
ZMS Commitment: copper wire, semiconductor heating core, insulation sheath, tinned copper braid, optional outer sheath.

Serial Number208V277V

Heating Cable Application and Features

Heating cables are made for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. By offering an array of cable technologies — such as self-regulating, power limiting, mineral insulated, skin effect, constant wattage, and series resistance — our heating cables meet the needs of most applications including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, longline heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance, roof and gutter de-icing, surface snow melting, frost heave prevention, and floor heating. ZMS self-regulating heating cables have the same function as abroad thermon BSX 8-2-FOJ & Raychem BTV type.


*Pipe Freeze Protection *Long Pipeline Heating *Process Temperature Maintenance *Tank Heating *Frost Heave Prevention *Roof &Gutter De-cling *Surface Snow Melting


1. Pipeline temperature is uniform, safe and reliable 2 installation and operation costs low, easy maintenance 3. Intermittent operation, warming up fast 4.Save energy and save costs

Minimum Self-Regulating Indices

Heating cable

S.R index (W/°F)

S.R index (W/°C)

3 W/ft



5 W/ft



8 W/ft



10 W/ft



Cable Models: ZKWDVT-08, 15, 25, 31; ZKWDVTP1-07, 15, 25, 31; ZKWDVTP4-08, 15, 25, 31; ZKWDVTP1VT-08, 15, 25, 31; ZKWDVTP1F-08, 15, 25, 31; ZKWZF-14, 30, 47; ZKWZFP1-14, 30, 47; ZKWZFP4-14, 30, 47; ZKWZFP1F-14, 30, 47; ZKWGF-25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75; ZKWGFP1-25, 35, 45, 55; ZKWGFP4-25, 35, 45.


wire and cable faqs

If you don’t know how to choose the products you need, or don’t find the cable type and size you need on this page, don’t worry. Contact us and send us your requirements, we can help you choose the right cable. You can provide us with the following information: cable voltage, conductor material, insulation and sheath material, shield type, armor type, etc. or you can provide us with cable installation environment, application requirements, etc. We will serve you wholeheartedly. ZMS Cable Supplier has a number of quality certification: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, etc.

What are Self-Regulating Heating Cables? 

  • Any heating cable provides a watt output that increases as temperatures fall and decreases as temperatures rise. Self-regulating heating cables use a carbon matrix-heating element with variable resistance.
  • Self-regulating cables have a conductive polymer-heating element where the resistance exhibits a PTC characteristic, the resistance of the element increases with temperature. Conversely, the cable’s power output decreases with increasing temperature. As the temperature increases the cable power output approaches zero. At this temperature, the cable effectively “shuts off”. A hazardous area T-rating can be assigned to self-regulating cables regardless of installation conditions.
  • Being a parallel construction, the self-regulating heating cable can adjust its power output for local conditions along its length.

Can TubeTrace be manufactured with different colored outer jackets? 

  • Yes, almost any color is possible. Additional manufacturing set-up costs may apply.

For heat tracing systems, is thermal insulation really necessary? 

  • The heat losses without thermal insulation are excessive and not practical to compensate for with heat tracing.

Service of ZMS Company

Over Productions Service: ZMS has a wide range of cable and conductor products for you to choose from. We will provide caring services and professional project solutions for everyone who needs them.

Quality Certification Services: ZMS cable products are manufactured according to GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, and other international standards. Our technical team can customize cable products that meet your requirements according to your needs.

Profession Customer Service: ZMS provides free professional consulting services to provide you with one-stop project solution services and rapid product delivery solutions.

Delivery And Shipping Services: While we at ZMS provide high-quality cables, we also provide good delivery solutions. While ensuring the safe delivery of products, we provide the best packaging and transportation solutions, greatly reducing customers’ transportation costs.

Packaging of ZMS: ZMS cable packaging is provided in the form of wooden reels, corrugated boxes, and coils. The cable ends are sealed with BOPP self-adhesive tape and a non-hygroscopic sealing cap to protect the cable ends from moisture. We can print the required marks on the outside of the barrel with waterproof material according to customer requirements.

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