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ZMS Cable manufacturer company has an independent department that focuses on high-end design and manufacture of aerial optical cables (ADSS, OPGW) and optical cable accessories (ADSS accessories, OPGW accessories, etc.). ZMS Cable Supplier is a leading world-class manufacturer in the field of fiber-optic communications. We manufacture and wholesale fiber optic cables in hundreds of countries around the world.

ADSS / OPGW Fitting Products


Kind of the ADSS OPGW Fitting Products

Optical Guy Grip Dead-end Fittings

Optical Cable Tension Clamps / Guy Grip Dead-end Fittings for ADSS

Tension clamps are a dielectric termination designed to terminate short span, low tension ADSS fiber optic cables in low voltage environments.

Manufactured by ZMS, Dead-end Clamp for ADSS(OPGW) is simplified to a single-layer component, providing an economical solution for very light loads. Our product effectively transfers the low axial load at the end of the terminal leg to the low, uniform radial compression near the terminal ring.

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Preformed Suspension Clamp Set

Preformed Suspension Clamp Set

The preformed suspension clamp set is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the straight line tower, or to hang the lightning line on the straight line tower. It can replace XGU, XGF, and other boat-type suspension clamps which are widely used on the current line.

Manufactured by ZMS, the preformed suspension clamp uses the hyperbolic waist drum damping pad to enclose the wire at the suspension place. And it has the characteristics of large grip force, small corona, lightweight, and small magnetic loss. It is especially suitable for 220kV and above lines, as well as heavy ice areas and large span line projects. Crossing line engineering. 

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PVC Bird Flight Diverter

PVC Bird Flight Diverter

ZMS Bird Flight Diverter is designed to make overhead lines and guyed structures visible to birds. And it provides an economical means of reducing the hazard to both lines and birds.

Our products are made of rigid high-impact polyvinyl chloride(PVC). Which possesses excellent chemical resistance, strength properties and will retain good physical characteristics within a range of extreme temperatures. At the same time, industrial fumes and salt water can not seriously degrade the properties of rigid PVC.

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down lead clamp
Down Lead Clamp

Down Lead Clamp for ADSS or OPGW

Down Lead Clamp is used for fixation of OPGW and ADSS onto the pole/tower. It is suitable for all kinds of cable diameters. The installation is reliable, convenient, and fast.

Down Lead Clamp is divided into two basic types: pole used and tower used. Each basic type is divided into elector-insulating rubber and metal types.

Elector-insulating rubber-type Down Lead Clamp is generally used for ADSS installation. While metal type Down Lead Clamp is generally used for OPGW installation.

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Overhead Line Damper

Preformed Overhead Line Damper

When the optical cable vibrates in the breeze, the hammerhead of the anti-vibration hammer suspended on the cable can vibrate freely by the movement of the cable. So that, the steel strands of the anti-vibration hammer rub against each other. And the vibration will be transmitted to the anti-vibration hammer. The energy is converted into frictional heat energy between strands of steel strands and consumed, thereby effectively suppressing the breeze vibration of the cable and prolonging the life of the cable.

The design of the product has four natural frequencies, which can ensure the safe operation of the optical cable under various laminar wind speeds.

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Preformed Splice Fittings
Preformed Splice Fittings

Preformed Tesion Set for ADSS / OPGW

Preformed tesion set can be divided into wire splice strips, jumper splice strips, full-tension splice strips for steel core aluminum stranded wires, T-shaped connecting strips, pre-twisted (stranded wire pull/ground wires) splice strips, aluminum Splice strips for clad steel strands. Each type of product has three series for steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire, and steel stranded wire according to the different use environment and circuit materials.

It is compared with the widely used splicing pipes and hydraulic pipes. The pre-twisted splice fittings have the advantages of convenient installation, good splicing quality, strong corrosion resistance, lightweight, and flexibility. And it does not affect the original mechanical and electrical characteristics of the wire.

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Preformed Protection Fittings
Preformed Protection Fittings

Preformed Protection Fittings for ADSS / OPGW

The preformed protective fitting is used to protect the wire from vibration, clamping stress, friction and wear, arcing, and other damage. It is often installed in the boat-shaped suspension clamp and on the pillar insulator. The pre-twisted protective wire or repair strip can be used as a repair strip to repair the damaged wire and restore its original mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

The structure of the pre-twisted protective wire and the pre-twisted short protective wire is simple. A set of pre-twisted wires form an empty tube, which is wound on and held tightly to protect the wire.

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Other Kind of ADSS OPGW Fitting Products

Clevis Drawbar

Sag Adjusting Plate

York Plates

PD Shackle

Link Fitting Parameter


Sag.Adjusting Plant

PH Type Extension Ring

Clevis Eye (type P)

Eye Chain Link

Clevis Eye (type Z)

U Anchor Shackle

ZMS Company Vision

ZMS firmly believes that quality is our key value. ZMS Cable Company monitors, reviews, and supervises all purchasing, production, quality, and logistics processes to ensure full compliance with product and customer requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers and researchers is committed to continuously evolving technology, updating materials, and components to keep consistent with the latest products. ZMS adopts best practices, the latest technologies, and innovations to ensure that our products meet the promise of sustainable development.
Kinds of ADSS / OPGW fittings include suspension clamp, strain clamp, tension clamp, bird flight diverter, guy grip dead-end fitting for ADSS/OPGW, overhead line damper, down lead clamp or another splice/protecting fittings, terminal box, etc.

About ZMS Optical Cable Products

Optical Cable

ZMS’s main optical cable products include ADSS cable, OPGW cable, OPPC power optical cable, photoelectric composite cable, direct buried optical cable, mine flame-retardant optical cable, underwater optical cable, rat-proof optical cable, field operations Fiber optic cable, non-metallic fiber optic cable, non-metallic flame retardant fiber optic cable, non-metallic buried fiber optic cable, temperature measuring fiber optic cable, distributed fiber optic temperature measuring system, ordinary fiber optic cable, digital communication cable, submarine fiber optic cable, electric power Optical cable fittings and other products.
Our power fiber optic cable products are widely used in wind farm projects and power grid projects in many places. That to ensure the normal and stable operation of power communication lines.
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