What Is FTTH Fiber Optic Cable? What Kind Of Structural Features Does It Have?

I. Preface

With the development of optical communication networks and the deepening of fiber-optic access, FTTH network construction is growing exponentially. At present, China Telecom and China Netcom have clearly indicated that they will invest heavily in the large-scale commercialization of FTTH. From this series of circumstances, the focus of fiber optic communication network construction will shift to FTTH in the next few years. The new generation of all-optical networks requires fiber optic cable as an optical signal transmission medium to provide wider working bandwidth, higher transmission rate, and longer transmission distance. It should also have a long service life and be easy to install and maintain.

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Design Principle Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

In recent years, there are two main types of fiber optic cables laid in the power system, ADSS, and OPGW. Among them, ADSS fiber optic cable is welcomed by users for its lightweight, easy construction, and can make full use of the existing tower system, etc. It is developing faster. ZMS Cable Company is committed to leading the market in fiber optic cable technology and has conducted a lot of experiments to verify the design and production of fiber optic cable.

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Lightning Strike Analysis of 10kv Aerial Bundled Cable Lines and Lightning Protection Countermeasures

The reliability of power supply in the distribution network is a basic concept and an important index in production, application, and life. It not only affects the production of electricity for industrial enterprises and residents’ life but also affects the quality of electricity consumption and social benefits. With the rapid development of the distribution network, the power supply area is covered by trees, buildings under the line rows, typhoons, and many other factors shadowing making the reliability of the distribution network face new difficulties.

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The Difference Between ABC Aerial Bundle Cable And BLX Cable


At present, the amount of domestic overhead cables is increasing, and various enterprises are producing and developing various overhead cables required by the market. In daily sales and production, some customers still propose to order BLX cables to replace overhead insulation. According to the survey of the market, some mainstream wire and cable manufacturers are no longer producing BLX cables. The following is a little idea of the differences between the two types of cables.

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Detailed Differences Between High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC)

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power transmission systems (also known as power highways or electric highways) use direct current (DC) to transmit power versus the more common alternating current (AC) systems. Most HVDC power transmission lines use voltages between 100 kV and 800 kV.

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What Do You Mean By Shielded Cable? And What Is A Cable Shield Layer?

The shield on the shielded cable is the cable formed in the way of the transmission cable plus a shield against external electromagnetic interference. The so-called ‘cable shielding’ on the cable structure is also a measure to improve the distribution of electric fields. The cable conductor is made of multiple strands of wire stranded, it is easy to form an air gap between the insulation layer, and the conductor surface is not smooth, which will cause the electric field concentration. Then the following will give you detailed knowledge about shielded cables.

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How do Identify The Authenticity of Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable?


As the mineral insulated fireproof cable for the power transmission of the building engineering fire system, its safety and reliability requirements are very high. It is the “lifeline” of rescue in case of fire, but now the cable industry market is mixed, with fierce competition between peers and overcapacity, which gives unscrupulous businessmen the understanding of the crooked brain. How do distinguish the authenticity of fire-resistant cable?

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Control Shielded Cable – Metal Shield And Shield Grounding

Metal shielded control cables are an important measure to attenuate and prevent electrical interference. Including the total shielding of the core, sub-shield, and double-layer type total shielding. The choice of metal shielding type of control cable should be based on the strength of the possible impact of electrical interference, taking into account the comprehensive measures to suppress interference to meet the requirements of reducing interference and overvoltage. The higher the requirements for the anti-interference effect, the greater the corresponding investment. Should be used steel belt armor, steel wire braid total shielding, the price of the cable increased by about 10% ~ 20%.

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Selection Of Cable Lines And Cable Cross-Section

Ⅰ. Cable lines in the mine underground due to space constraints and safety needs, in addition to the rack line motor car, are used cable lines

Power cables can be divided into rubber-insulated cables, plastic-insulated cables, and oil-impregnated paper-insulated cables according to the insulation material. At present, oil-impregnated paper-insulated cables are rarely used, so do not speak.

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