What is a Bare Stranded Copper Conductor? An Article to Take You Deeper!

Bare Stranded Copper Conductor is essential for everyday power transmission and industrial power distribution.

When people think of cables, they always think of cables wrapped in thick black insulation, such as XLPE PVC insulated cables, submarine cables, and control cables. They are all cables that consist of thick insulation and multiple layers of sheath. Today ZMS introduces this kind of cable only shiny and smooth conductor core composition, but in life and industry plays a great role, it is made of pure copper cable, called bare copper conductor.

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Do You Understand? Cable Lugs Models and Applications?


In the intricate network of electrical systems, cable lugs play a crucial role in ensuring efficient transmission of power. These small but significant components connect cables and various electrical devices, providing a secure and reliable connection. ZMS believes that understanding the types, applications, and significance of cable lugs is essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of electrical installations across diverse industries.

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Understanding the Importance and Applications of Flexible Cables

In industrial applications, flexible cables are often used in automation equipment

In the realm of electrical engineering and construction, flexible cables play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient power transmission and connectivity. These cables are designed to withstand various environmental conditions while maintaining their flexibility, making them essential components in numerous industries and applications. From powering machinery in manufacturing plants to enabling connectivity in consumer electronics, the versatility of flexible cables is unmatched. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of flexible cables, exploring their importance, characteristics, applications, and technological advancements.

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Introduction to the Two Most Important Structures of OPGW Cable

Aluminum Tube Layer Warping Core Type OPGW

OPGW Cable Optical Ground Wires are a critical component of modern communication and power transmission systems, providing both electrical grounding and optical fiber communication capabilities. The intricate design and construction of OPGW cables involve several key structures that enable their efficient performance in diverse environments. This essay ZMS delves into two vital structures of OPGW cables: the central strength member and the optical fibers, elucidating their significance, construction, and impact on the overall functionality of optical ground wires.

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Why can only submarine AC cables be used for long-distance submarine power transmission?

xlpe subsea cable company

The fundamental reason: the capacitive current of AC cables limits their transmission distance. This is for long-distance submarine projects, the transmission of large power is very difficult. Submarine DC cable has no capacitive current, transmission capacity is not limited by distance. So only a DC cable can be used to transmit power.

From the beginning of last year until now, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and so on broke out one after another. In these wars and conflicts, aerial cables, concentric cables, submarine cables and so on all play different degrees of important role.

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What Is a Fiber Optic Patch Cord?

With the rapid growth of traffic data, fiber-optic communication as an emerging technology, the rapid pace of development, and the application of a wide range, it has become one of the main pillars of modern communications, in the modern telecommunications network plays a pivotal role. Therefore, fiber optic patch cords have gradually become one of the essential wire and cable products in the communications market. Today, ZMS cable editor will take you to understand what is a fiber optic patch cord.

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What are the Power Cable Standards? How to Divide? Please Collect!

All industries have their standard system, power cable as the national electricity infrastructure, in the direction of import and export to develop strict and effective standards. Not only can ensure the people’s safety of electricity, but also standardizes the production of enterprises and promotes the healthy development of the industry. In recent years, various countries around the world have been paying more and more attention to the importance of power cable standards.

ZMS cable editorial compiled about the power cable most commonly used 32 national standards, only for your reference.

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How to Solve the Effect of Electromagnetic Interference on Multi-Core LV Shielded Control Cable?

Strong electromagnetic interference on electronic systems, electronic equipment interference, especially sensitive electronic equipment due to overload and damage. Among the many models of cables, even shielded control cables with metal braided shielding, it is difficult to escape electromagnetic and radiation interference on the cable.

To avoid the influence of external electric fields on the instrumentation, a cavity conductor is used to shield the external electric fields from the inside.

Multi-core low-voltage shielded control cables in the electrical control cable shielding layer are not properly handled, the control cable and power cable are confused together, and no separation is done.

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