World’s First Unmanned HVDC Offshore Platform Installed

The World’s First Unmanned HVDC Offshore Platform

The construction of Dogger Bank, which will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has reached another milestone with the installation of the world’s first unmanned high-voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore substation.

The substation is the first of three platforms supplied by Aibel to be installed at Dogger Bank, which is being built in three 1.2GW phases, A, B, and C.

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The Most Detailed Introduction Of Cables For Offshore Oil Platforms

Offshore oil platform with cable technical requirements

In recent years, as countries have increased their investment in the energy sector, the investment in energy construction has been increasing, and the demand for energy production safety will become more urgent on a global scale. An offshore oil platform is one of the main facilities for offshore oil extraction and one of the main facilities used for onshore oil drilling platforms.

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NKT Produces High-Voltage DC Cables Using Low-Carbon Copper

underwater power cable manufacturer

NKT Uses Low-Carbon Copper For High-Voltage DC Cables

Cable manufacturer NKT, its suppliers, and customers have agreed to use low-carbon copper for a 320 kV HVDC cable that NKT is supplying to Dogger Bank C in the North Sea, which is being developed by SSE Renewables, Equinor, and Eni Plenitude.

The use of low-carbon copper will reduce the carbon footprint of the high-voltage power cable system by more than 23,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which is equivalent to the emissions of 7,700 average household cars in one year.

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Tonga Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Repair May Take 5 Months Overall Cost More Than 1 Million U.S. Dollars


Comprehensive media reports, on January 15, Tonga Hong Aha Apai Island undersea volcano after a violent eruption triggered a widespread tsunami, resulting in Tonga undersea fiber optic cable disruption, satellite communications equipment damage. It was originally expected that the submarine fiber optic cable might be repaired in just four weeks, but a combination of multiple opinions indicates that the reality and problems with the submarine cable are worse than initially understood.

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Google Announced Plans To Build a New Submarine Cable Connecting Britain, The United States And Spain, Which Will Be Completed in 2022

Google announced plans to build a new submarine cable connecting the United States, Britain and Spain, the BBC reported. The project is expected to be completed in 2022.
Google said it was integrating new technology into the cable, which was a major upgrade to the existing old lines. It is estimated that underwater data cables are crucial to the global communication infrastructure, carrying about 98% of the world’s data.
It is reported that the latest cable, named “grace hopper” after an American computer scientist and Naval Reserve Officer, will land in Britain in bud, Cornwall. This is Google’s fourth submarine cable.

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