ZMS Produces Industrial Cables That are the Backbone of the Power Industry

Choosing the right type of industrial cable

Industrial cables are the backbone of modern manufacturing and infrastructure, providing the necessary connections to power machinery, transmit data, and ensure smooth operations. Understanding the different types of industrial cables, their classifications, and their applications is crucial for selecting the right cables for your specific needs. This comprehensive guide by ZMS Cabel will delve into the various types of industrial cables, their key characteristics, applications, and the considerations for choosing the right cables for your industrial operations.

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Mexico Terminates Anti-Dumping Duties On RG-Type Coaxial Cables From China

types of coaxial cables

According to China’s trade remedy information network, on August 11, the Mexican ministry statement said, in view of the domestic enterprises for the native to Mexico type Chinese RG coaxial cable filed an anti-dumping sunset review application. So I decided to terminate the anti-dumping duties on Chinese products involved, the termination of the measures will take effect on August 12, 2022. The TIGIE tax numbers of the products involved are 8544.20.01, 8544.20.02, and 8544.20.99.

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What is the Coaxial Cable? And What Are Its Uses?

A coaxial cable is a wire and signal transmission line. It is generally caused by four layers of material: the innermost is a conductive copper wire, and the outside of the wire has a layer of plastic (used as an insulator, a dielectric). On the outside of the insulator, there is a thin mesh of conductive bodies (usually copper or alloy). Then the conductor is outside the outermost layer of insulating material as the outer skin.

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