Submarine Cable Laying to Connect Egypt, the Middle East, etc.

Recently, Telecom Egypt announced that it will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three communications companies in the UAE, Indonesia, and India to form an international alliance to establish a submarine cable laying project.

This collaborative project will connect data centers in several countries, starting from Southeast Asia and India, all the way to the Middle East and Egypt, using new, unique, and diverse international paths for information data transmission.

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ZMS Cables partners with EACOP crude oil pipeline project in Uganda

ZMS Cables has recently entered into a partnership with the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project in Uganda, with Worley acting as the general contractor for the project and ZMS Cables providing significant assistance with the pipeline and power suppliers.

The East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) will be built between the oilfields in western Uganda and Tanga Port in Tanzania, with a total length of nearly 1,500 kilometers and a total volume of 260,000 tons of LSAW steel pipes, which is the longest heated crude oil pipeline project in the world, and one of the most important pipeline projects in the international energy market in recent years, and an important energy project under the leadership of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of China. It is one of the most important pipeline projects in the international energy market in recent years and an important energy project under China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

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Why can only submarine AC cables be used for long-distance submarine power transmission?

xlpe subsea cable company

The fundamental reason: the capacitive current of AC cables limits their transmission distance. This is for long-distance submarine projects, the transmission of large power is very difficult. Submarine DC cable has no capacitive current, transmission capacity is not limited by distance. So only a DC cable can be used to transmit power.

From the beginning of last year until now, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and so on broke out one after another. In these wars and conflicts, aerial cables, concentric cables, submarine cables and so on all play different degrees of important role.

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What are the Power Cable Standards? How to Divide? Please Collect!

All industries have their standard system, power cable as the national electricity infrastructure, in the direction of import and export to develop strict and effective standards. Not only can ensure the people’s safety of electricity, but also standardizes the production of enterprises and promotes the healthy development of the industry. In recent years, various countries around the world have been paying more and more attention to the importance of power cable standards.

ZMS cable editorial compiled about the power cable most commonly used 32 national standards, only for your reference.

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France Will Build 54 New Onshore Wind Farms

France’s “Figaro” reported on November 23, that the French energy minister announced on the 23rd through 54 onshore wind farm project applications, the total power of the project is 931 megawatt-hours, the average price of the tender is 86.94 euros per megawatt-hour.

The French media said the government has set ambitious targets for the development of renewable energy, but the last two project tenders have been affected by technical difficulties, the next tender will start on December 4, with a total project power of 925 MW.

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What photovoltaic cable power generation projects have been signed at the “Belt and Road” Summit Forum?

Construction site of photovoltaic cable power generation project

Beijing time on October 17-18, the third “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing, China. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, announcing China’s support for the high-quality construction of the “Belt and Road” eight actions. He also announced the signing of several photovoltaic cable power projects on the spot.

It was mentioned that China will increase its support for the “Belt and Road” International Alliance for Green Development.

It will continue to organize the “Belt and Road” Green Innovation Conference and build a dialogue and exchange mechanism for the photovoltaic power generation industry and a network of green and low-carbon experts.

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What 90% of people don’t know about mineral insulated cable?

Mineral Insulated Cable Model List

BBTRZ cable is also known as flexible mineral-insulated fireproof cable.

Refers to the flame at 950 degrees Celsius high-temperature environment, through the 1KV voltage can be 180 minutes to maintain normal energization is not broken. It is a BTTZ mineral insulated cable improved model, inherited the BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable fire, explosion-proof, temperature resistance, high current-carrying capacity, and other characteristics in addition.

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Understanding Common Problems with High Voltage Cables: Causes and Solutions

Common high voltage cables transmission projects

High voltage cables are a kind of power cable, that refers to the power cable used to transmit between 1kv-1000kv, mostly used in power transmission and distribution. And high-voltage cables are very common in daily life, from big factory workshops to small home appliances and so on. For high-voltage cables, people will also have many questions, … Read more

Shielding Of Power Cables

Conductor shielding:

According to relevant industry standards, cables with rated voltage exceeding 2KV need conductor shielding. Conductor shielding, also known as inner shielding, is used to form a smooth layer on the relatively rough surface of the stranded conductor to reduce the concentration of electric field at the insulation interface.

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