Is It Necessary To Use An Aluminum Alloy Cable With Special Cable Terminal Blocks For An Aluminum Alloy?

cable terminal blocks

With the development of the cable industry, the advantages of copper-core cable are more. Copper-core cables occupy an absolute advantage over aluminum-core cables in the cable market. However, the high price of copper-core cable also caused an increase in production costs, and also bad construction. The aluminum-core cable as a cable industry “foreign army” emerged, in the market’s favor.

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Standards For Cable and Terminal Lug Crimping Specifications

cable copper tube lug

I. Remove Metal Stains, Get A Clean Cable Terminal Lug

Removing metal stains prior to cable connection is an important prerequisite for ensuring cable lug quality.

  1. Remove metal residues from the conductor surface by wiping.
  2. Inspect the conductor connection section and remove any visible oxides.
  3. Ensure that the conductor surface is free of metal residues, otherwise, conductor corrosion in the contact area will occur.
  4. Ensure that the decontamination of all components has been completed.

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Do you know how to connect the cable lugs?

For the straight-line connection of cable lugs single-strand copper-core wires. First, cut the two wire ends to form a certain length of wire core, remove the surface oxide layer of the wire core, cross the two wire cores in an X shape, and twist each other 2 to 3 turns, Pull the straight head again.
When the general wire is connected to the terminal lugs, if it is a single-strand wire of 10mm2 and below, it needs to bend a circle at the end of the wire and connect it to the terminal. If it is a multi-strand copper wire of 4m㎡ or more, a terminal lug must be installed and then connected to the terminal.

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Characteristics And Benefits Of Cable Terminal Lug

When the cable lug under take the cable engineering project around small, and medium scale. Power cable terminal connection workable to provide efficient and effective connections inside cable connection projects.

When you are new to the market place and you are looking to get a cable terminal lugs, you more than likely want to find out the huge benefits and characteristics of cable terminal lugs. It’s far better to become well informed than regretting once the purchase. This post will shed more light around the characteristics and great things about cable lugs.

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Why Use Ring Terminal Lug with Insulation?

Ring Terminal Lug With Insulation: Simple Installation, Cheap Cable lug is often used for cable end connection and continuation. Which can make the connection between cable and electrical appliances more firm and safer. It is a common material for building, electrical equipment, electrical connection and so on. Generally, when the wire is connected with the … Read more

What Is A Screened Separable Cable Connectors?

The characteristics of the shielded detachable cable connector: easy to install, good sealing and excellent electrical performance. As we all know, the connection mode of cable accessories is generally divided into terminal connection and intermediate connection. The terminal connection is divided into indoor terminal and outdoor terminal. Generally, outdoor terminations refer to outdoor cable joints, … Read more

Deciding Between Copper or Aluminum Lugs


Mechanical lugs are connectors that are used to connect cables together, and they form an important part of a home electrical system. Mechanical lugs are normally made from one of two metals – copper or aluminum.
As far as functionality goes, they both serve similar purposes, but the differences become obvious when you look at their specific characteristics and the applications where they will be used. Let’s take a look at why aluminum lugs used to be popular as well as why copper is now the preferred metal of choice for lugs.

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Where Can I Buy the Cable Accessory? How to Find the Right Seller

After doing your research, you have decided to buy the cable accessories like cable lugs, cable terminations and joints, overhead line accessories, etc. However, you do not know where you can buy it. You have done your research online, but you cannot find the right buyer. Most people face this problem. So, we want to help you today.

Where can I buy a high qurily electrical cable accessories? If you are asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place.

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