Science! Introduction of Overhead Insulated Cable and Its Advantages

overhead insulated cable

An Overhead insulated cable is a cable made of special structural material with an outer sheath.

Its insulation layer is affected by the external environment during line operation, such as temperature, humidity, and other factors that can cause certain deformation or aging of the cable, resulting in certain defects.

And in the normal operation process, due to the conductor to withstand the influence of external environmental factors and its maintenance, its external state can be maintained for some time.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures during cable operation to ensure its good working condition and safe operation.

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Lightning Strike Analysis of 10kv Aerial Bundled Cable Lines and Lightning Protection Countermeasures

low voltage abc cable

The reliability of power supply in the distribution network is a basic concept and an important index in production, application, and life. It not only affects the production of electricity for industrial enterprises and residents’ life but also affects the quality of electricity consumption and social benefits. With the rapid development of the distribution network, the power supply area is covered by trees, buildings under the line rows, typhoons, and many other factors shadowing making the reliability of the distribution network face new difficulties.

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The Difference Between ABC Aerial Bundle Cable And BLX Cable


At present, the amount of domestic overhead cables is increasing, and various enterprises are producing and developing various overhead cables required by the market. In daily sales and production, some customers still propose to order BLX cables to replace overhead insulation. According to the survey of the market, some mainstream wire and cable manufacturers are no longer producing BLX cables. The following is a little idea of the differences between the two types of cables.

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What are the Product Types of Cables? What is the Basic Knowledge of Cables?

custom kinds of cables

Bare Conductor Wire
Bare wire and bare conductor products refer to the conductive wire without insulation and sheath. It mainly includes three series of products: bare single wire, bare stranded wire and profile wire.

Copper and aluminum single wire: including soft copper single wire, hard copper single wire, soft aluminum single wire, hard aluminum single wire. Mainly used as a variety of wire and cable semi-products, a small amount of communication wire and motor appliances manufacturing.

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