The Difference Between ABC Aerial Bundle Cable And BLX Cable

At present, the amount of domestic overhead cables is increasing, and various enterprises are producing and developing various overhead cables required by the market. In daily sales and production, some customers still propose to order BLX cables to replace overhead insulation. According to the survey of the market, some mainstream wire and cable manufacturers are no longer producing BLX cables. The following is a little idea of the differences between the two types of cables.

1. At present, many companies producing low-voltage aerial cables are based on the national standard GB∕T 12527-2008 “rated voltage 1kV and below aerial bundle cable“. This standard is the latest version of the national standard revised and updated in 2008.

ABC Aerial Bundled Cable is mainly used for overhead fixed laying, lead wires, and other places and its insulation material is weather-resistant special overhead insulated cable material. So the aerial bundle cable has the advantages of simple structure, safety, and reliability, excellent mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties, environmental resistance and UV resistance, etc. Because its insulation is weather-resistant special aerial bundle insulated cable material, the long-term allowable working temperature of the cable is up to 70℃ or 90 ℃, and excellent electrical insulation performance, the volume resistivity of 1.0 × 1012 Ω-m or more. In the laying, the use of an overhead insulated cable can reduce the laying gap, save the line corridor, and reduce voltage drop. In use, it can reduce the occurrence of power supply accidents and ensure personal safety.

2. At present, domestic enterprises produce BLX-type cable, mainly based on JB/T1601-1993 “rated voltage 300/500V rubber insulated fixed laying wire”. This standard was developed and released in 1993 but has not been updated for nearly 20 years, the product has been gradually replaced by overhead cable in the market.

BLX type rubber insulated fixed laying wire for AC rated voltage Uo/U for 300/500V and the following electrical equipment and lighting systems, the wire’s long-term allowable working temperature of 65 ℃. Its structure is aluminum conductor, extruded rubber insulation, outside the braided wire and then coated with greasy asphalt material, greasy asphalt material’s role is anti-UV. This cable is used for two years before and after, often appears due to wind and sunlight, and leads to woven glass wire off, broken, resulting in their own short life, poor anti-aging performance, and polluting the environment.

ABC aerial bundle cable’s main features

1. Good insulation performance. A new concept of overhead insulated cable due to an additional layer of insulation, then the bare wire superior insulation performance, can reduce the distance between the line phase, reduce the insulation requirements of the line support parts, improve the number of circuits with the pole erected lines.

2. Good anti-corrosion performance

Aerial bundle cable due to the outer layer of insulation than the bare wire by the degree of oxidation and corrosion is small, corrosion resistance is strong, can extend the service life of the line.

3. Anti-external damage

Aerial bundle cable reduces the impact of external factors such as trees, flying metal film, and dust, and reduces the phase short circuit and grounding accidents.

4. Strength to meet the requirements

Aerial bundled cable is less steel core, but tough so that the mechanical strength of the entire wire can meet the requirements of stress design.

With the continuous updating of national standards for cable products, according to the national requirements for safety and reliability of electricity, BLX-type cloth wire is not as good as overhead cable in performance. So ABC aerial bundle cable has gradually started to replace BLX type cable in the market.

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