What are the characteristics and advantages of cold shrink end joints?

Cold shrink tube termination: High flexibility, excellent electrical performance and efficient installation. Additional cooling assistance, uneven contact, poor sealing, low installation efficiency, and increased installation costs. Are these your pain points? Let us give you a way out. Breaking through the traditional process and technology, the cold shrink tube termination was born. The cold shrinkable … Read more

Why Use Plastic Nylon Cable Gland? What Is It Used For?

Advantage: Good Sealing, Strong Weather Resistance and Easy Installation. Are you still worried that the rotation of the cables connected to the distribution cabinet and friction with the distribution cabinet will shorten the service life of the cables? Now, here is a solution. Cable gland is a kind of cable accessories, which plays a vital … Read more

Failure of Line Insulators

What is the cause of the failure of line insulators? Basically there are two functions about HV line insulators: mechanically speaking, it keeps the conductor from the tower and the ground at a certain distance. Electrically, it provides the necessary insulation for the ground. Therefore one way to define failure is when either or both of … Read more

Metal and plastic p-clamps have evolved. Take a look at the Ratchet P-Clamp!

At ZMS Group, we are committed to repairing and improving parts using established design practices. Therefore, when we received a request for a more functional way to install and clamp cables and hoses on construction machinery, we accepted this challenge.

We use our extensive cable tie design knowledge to solve all the mechanical limitations of the traditional P-Clamps that our customers told us.

The result is a Ratchet P-clamp. It is the easiest to operate, versatile and sturdy p-clamp for fastening and fixing cables, wires, pipes and hoses on the market. Just like a clip, you can also reopen and reuse it hundreds of times.

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The Plastic Cable Holders: Easy Installation and Secure Retention Anywhere

When cables and wires are to be firmly fixed and routed, cable holders are indispensable. No matter whether you need to secure a single cable or multiple wires reliably or multiple cables wired in parallel, ZMS’s retainer can provide you with a practical and universal solution. They are suitable for a wide range of applications … Read more

How Are The Lugs And Cables Tightly Welded?

Wire nose is also a very commonly used hardware in electric power systems. According to the industry, it is generally called a cable terminal. When connecting electricity, the more important step is to connect the cable lug with the cable. If the cable cannot be compacted, it is inevitable and easy to generate high temperature, … Read more

What Kind of Role Does Cable Gland Play?

ZMS plastic tail kits consists of a IP68 dome top cable gland, lock nut, multiple insert and blanking insert. Blanking plug is supplied to enable installation without earth wire.
The tail kits offer a solution for the wiring of the Amendment 3 consumer units. Utilising the unique inserts allows meter tails and earth wire to be installed through one insert, providing cable retention, no eddy currents, and whilst being mindful to maintain the appropriate fire integrity of the consumer unit.

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What is a Cable Joints?

As the name suggests, their role is to connect the electrical cable to maintain the continuity of the cable, thus enabling the transmission of electricity.Cable joints must be precisely matched and robust enough to withstand factors such as adverse weather conditions, current carrying capacity, connection voltage drop and material compatibility.

cable joint

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Deciding Between Copper or Aluminum Lugs

Mechanical lugs are connectors that are used to connect cables together, and they form an important part of a home electrical system. Mechanical lugs are normally made from one of two metals – copper or aluminum.
As far as functionality goes, they both serve similar purposes, but the differences become obvious when you look at their specific characteristics and the applications where they will be used. Let’s take a look at why aluminum lugs used to be popular as well as why copper is now the preferred metal of choice for lugs.


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What are the Technical Characteristics of the Insulation Piercing Clamp?

There are many kinds of power gold that are often used in the circuit process, and the wire clip is one of them. The types of calbe clips have many uses and they are different. I don’t know if you have heard of the puncture wire clip. Its use is very large. The amount of use is very large, and it is very convenient to use, then what are the technical characteristics of the insulation piercing clamp?
A piercing cord clamps an insulating upper shell, an upper piercing blade arranged on the insulating upper shell, an insulating lower shell, and a lower piercing blade arranged on the insulating lower shell. And it is used for connecting the insulating upper shell A connecting screw with the insulating lower shell and two connecting screws for connecting the insulating upper shell and the insulating lower shell.

Insulation Puncture Clamp

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