A Comprehensive Introduction To The Characteristics Of Photovoltaic Cables

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Characteristics Of Photovoltaic Cables

Photovoltaic cable is an important device in photovoltaic power generation systems. It can be used in power systems or communication lines as relay equipment when transmitting power from a power source.

The cable should have reliable physical characteristics such as temperature resistance, flame retardancy, and insulation properties. Photovoltaic cables generate harmful heat when working in high-temperature environments, which affects the cable performance.

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The Role Of Cable Wind Power Projects

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In China, wind power generation has become one of the important energy sources for economic and social development.

In recent years, China’s wind power industry has developed rapidly, and wind power, as a clean and efficient way of energy, will play an important role in the construction of society in the future.

However, wind turbines will produce a lot of dust and high temperature, high pressure, and other harsh environment in work, if not controlled will cause great harm to the power grid.

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Science! Introduction of Overhead Insulated Cable and Its Advantages

overhead insulated cable

An Overhead insulated cable is a cable made of special structural material with an outer sheath.

Its insulation layer is affected by the external environment during line operation, such as temperature, humidity, and other factors that can cause certain deformation or aging of the cable, resulting in certain defects.

And in the normal operation process, due to the conductor to withstand the influence of external environmental factors and its maintenance, its external state can be maintained for some time.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures during cable operation to ensure its good working condition and safe operation.

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How To Use And Select Control Cables?

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Among the many classifications of cables, control cables are also one of the most frequently seen major classifications.

Control cables are used everywhere in life. So for individuals, how to use and choose control cables in general? Today ZMS cable engineer takes you to understand the use and selection of control cables.

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What is The Use of Nickel Metal in Power Cables?

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Many people have heard of nickel metal and may not have seen it, but it is found everywhere in life. For example, the copper nickel-plated cables that we all come into contact with daily. Recently, there was this report about nickel.

Brazilian mining company Vale said Wednesday that global demand for nickel will grow 44 percent by 2030 over this year’s forecast due to strong demand for electric vehicle batteries.

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What is The Cable Withstand Voltage Test?

cable withstand voltage test

For the cable withstand voltage test, I believe many people are curious about what it is for, and also curious about what uses. The following ZMS cable company’s editor will take you to understand.

Cable series resonance test device uses the way to adjust the frequency of the power supply so that the reactor and the capacitor are under test to achieve resonance. The test product to obtain high voltage high current is a new method and trend of the current high voltage test, which has been widely used at home and abroad.

The cable series resonance test device adopts a special SPWM digital waveform generation chip with 16-bit frequency resolution. The frequency fineness can reach 0.1Hz at 20~300Hz. The orthogonal non-synchronous fixed carrier modulation method is adopted to ensure good output waveform in the whole frequency interval; the power part adopts the IPM module to ensure the stability and safety of the instrument under the minimum weight.

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