MI Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Structure Principle and Application Scenario

MI armored heating cable, also known as mineral insulated heating cable, is a combination of electric heating wire material, inorganic insulation (such as magnesium oxide, alumina, etc.), and metal protection tube, which is a solid body compacted closely by mold, especially suitable for high-temperature pipeline tracing heat.

It has the advantages of pressure resistance, earthquake resistance, flexibility, energy saving, high impermeability, radiation resistance, explosion-proof, safe and reliable, easy installation, high mechanical strength, long service life, etc. It is widely used in the pipeline that needs high output efficiency or needs to bear high-temperature steam blowing, as well as in the environment of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof in industrial sectors and scientific research, and teaching fields such as aerospace, nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, machinery, electric energy, etc.

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I. Product Classification

1. Stainless steel sheathed MI armored heating cable can meet the needs of high-temperature heating and high power (up to 269W/m), its maximum withstand temperature of up to 650 ℃, and the conductor resistance value range from 28000-19.2Ω/km.

2. Copper-sheathed MI armored heating cable

Copper sheathed MI armored heating cable can meet the needs of high-temperature conditions and long transmission pipeline heat tracing, its maximum withstands temperatures up to 300 ℃, and the conductor resistance value ranges from 480-0.5Ω/km.

3. Copper-nickel alloy sheathed MI armored heating cable

Copper-nickel alloy sheathed MI armored heating cable can meet the needs of high-temperature conditions and long transmission pipeline tracing heat, its maximum withstands temperature can reach 450℃, and conductor resistance value range from 28000-19.2Ω/km.

4. 825 alloys sheathed MI armored heating cable

825 alloy sheathed MI armored heating cable can meet the needs of high-temperature conditions and high power (up to 269W/m), its maximum withstands temperature of up to 800℃, and the conductor resistance value range from 28000-19.2Ω/km.

Ⅱ. Product Features

Fireproof: MI heating cables are composed of inorganic materials, thus making it impossible for the cable to burn, much less fuel combustion, or release toxic and harmful gases at high temperatures.

Explosion-proof: MI heating cable is a solid structure consisting of a seamless metal sheath and tightly compacted mineral insulation material, which fundamentally prevents the intrusion of combustible oil and gas and flame, etc. It is an explosion-proof cable in the true sense.

Anti-corrosion: The sheath of the MI heating cable is a seamless metal sheath, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the workplace, fundamentally avoiding the corrosion of the cable.

Anti-permeation: The MI heating cable’s sheath is a seamless metal sheath, so neither liquid nor gas can penetrate inside the cable.

Anti-radiation: MI heating cables are composed of inorganic materials, so the performance indicators of the cable will not change when working in places with radiation.

Long life: MI heating cable component materials have characteristics that determine the cable does not have the problem of insulation aging and has long-term stability.

Good flexibility: MI heating cable is softened at the factory and has excellent flexibility and can be freely bent. Can be laid in narrow spaces and irregular-shaped equipment, providing great convenience for the installation and construction and beautiful lines after installation.

High mechanical strength: Due to the inherent characteristics of the structure of the MI heating cable, the cable can withstand violent mechanical damage, and in the case of deformation of the cable diameter one-third can still work normally.

High heating power: Generally 50W/M~250W/M, the cable is not like a steam heating pipeline which is in danger of freezing due to steam stopping supply, it can be turned on when needed and does not require frequent maintenance.

Low-temperature resistance: construction at low temperatures without brittle breakage, easy to winter construction and maintenance.

Low cost: MI heating cable volume is small, so laying will not increase the number of insulation materials and omit the steam and water heating boiler and water treatment system, and construction is convenient and fast. This all directly reduces the cost of the project.

Low operating cost: MI heating cable heating system can be controlled automatically from a distance and can ensure an accurate and timely supply of the heat needed by the heated object through the temperature control part, so there is no additional heat loss and redundant operators, ensuring low operating costs.

Low maintenance costs: MI heating cable heating system, has a simple structure, long life, and high reliability, reducing the need for maintenance components and time, in the work environment is not particularly harsh places can even be free of maintenance and normal use.

In short, mineral-insulated heating cables in explosion-proof, fire-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, radiation, and other harsh conditions in places, replacing the traditional steam and water heating, and the previous use of a variety of heating technology and methods have incomparable advantages.

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Ⅲ. The Main Use

Petrochemical industry: vessel heating, process pipeline insulation, storage tank heat insulation, crude oil pipeline clearing, and unblocking.

Heating insulation: building large area heating factory, warehouse insulation, constant temperature control poultry breeding heating.

Open-air equipment and facilities: machinery and equipment, aircraft runways, television transmission towers, culverts, valves, gates, transportation hub facilities, schools, hospitals open-air steps, intermittent liquid pumps.

Oil platform and ocean-going ship berth: deck anti-condensation, cabin heating, fluid pipeline heating, and insulation, machinery and equipment insulation.

Combustion preheating device: nuclear power plant reactor preheating, oil boiler preheater, gas device preheater.

Aircraft runways, railroad tracks, road forks, and other places need heating and heat preservation.

IV. Application scenarios

1. MI heating cable pipeline insulation and antifreeze system adopts extremely reliable electric heating technology to heat the pipeline, fluid, or other process equipment that needs insulation and antifreeze, replenish the heat lost by the fluid and control its temperature to keep within the allowed range, which applies to the antifreeze treatment and temperature maintenance of various pipeline systems and process equipment, valves, and tanks. Such as building water supply and drainage pipelines, domestic hot water pipelines, oil pipelines, other chemical and food industry high-viscosity liquid pipelines, etc.

2. MI heating cable snow melting and ice melting system can be used for ramps, bridges, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor stairs, and other outdoor facilities to melt snow and ice to ensure the safety of pedestrian areas.

This system can be applied to special pavements such as asphalt, concrete, and masonry. The inconvenience caused by snow and ice for pedestrians and vehicles in winter and the damage to buildings will be gone. Especially, the installation on the blind road provides safety for the blind in winter.

Snow and ice in the areas where this system is laid can be removed at any time, avoiding the hazards associated with heavy salting, manual shoveling, and frosting. Traffic accidents are reduced and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles is improved.

3. MI heating cable soil heating system can prevent the soil from freezing and the grass is always green. Maintenance, low maintenance cost, safe and reliable.

It is suitable for soil heating of sports fields, four-season squares, and garden lawns, which will not destroy the green natural environment and minimize the damage to the established lawn.

Installation and use costs are very economical, saving the expenses of seeding and maintenance so that the lawn can be restored to use in the shortest possible time.

4. MI heating cable products are also particularly suitable for flammable and explosive areas, and high radiation areas and are inconvenient to repair and replace but need reliable long-term use of insulation and heating places.

5. Railway track and turnout snow melting system consists of a control center, control cabinet, environmental detection device, electric heating element, isolation transformer, connecting cable, and channel.

It applies to the need for snow melting for various types of turnouts. When snowfall or temperature change occurs, the system can automatically or manually start the electric heating and snow melting circuit to ensure the normal conversion of turnouts.