Characteristics and Performance of High Voltage Post Insulators

Post insulator products consist of the iron cap, tempered glass parts, and steel feet, and are glued together with cement. The product all adopts the most advanced international cylindrical head structure, which is characterized by small head size. Lightweight, high strength, and large creep age distance. It can save metal materials and reduce the cost of the line. In order to meet the needs of live operation, the traditional domestic structure shape is adopted on the brim of the cap.

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The Distinction Between Post Insulators and Suspension Insulators

Post insulator: It is a special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early days, post insulators were mostly used for electric poles, and gradually developed from the end of high-type high-voltage wire connecting towers with a lot of suspended insulators, which were usually made of silica gel or ceramic to increase … Read more