Under What Circumstances Do A Double-Hole Copper Lug Work? Are All Two-Hole Terminal Lugs Non-Standard?

What is a terminal lug?

A terminal lug is an old object, as early as 1928, Phoenix Contact invented the world’s first piece of the combined terminal lug, the modern cable terminal lug prototype. And the modern terminal lug is more than this.

The role of the aluminum or copper terminal lug is well expressed, the cable lug is a connector, which is to facilitate the application of the wire connection. It is a piece of metal sealed in the insulating plastic inside, both ends have holes that can be inserted into the wire, and there are screws for fastening or loosening. For example, two wires, sometimes need to connect, and sometimes need to disconnect. Then you can use the terminal lug to connect them and can be disconnected at any time. Instead of having to solder them together or twist them together, it is convenient and fast.

Common faults and problems of the terminal lugs

Cable terminal lug from the point of view of use, the function should be achieved: the contact part of the conductive place must be conductive, reliable contact. Insulation parts should not lead to the place and must be insulated and reliable.

The common fatal failure of the cable lug is in the form of the following two.

1. The problem of poor contact

The metal conductor inside the aluminum or copper cable lug (Cosses / aluminium en Cuivre Câbles) is the core part of the terminal lugs. it will come from the external wire or cable voltage, current, or signal transfer to its corresponding contact with the matching connector.

Therefore, the contact must have excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention force, and good electrical conductivity. Due to the contact parts structure design is not reasonable, the wrong choice of materials, mold instability, processing size super poor, rough surface, heat treatment plating, and other surface treatment process is not reasonable, improper assembly, storage and use of the poor environment and improper operation and use, will be in the contact parts of the contact parts and with the parts caused by poor contact.

2. The problem of poor fixing

The insulator not only plays an insulating role but also usually provides precise alignment and protection for the extended contact parts. It also has the function of mounting and positioning, locking, and fixing the equipment. Fixed bad, the lighter affect the contact reliable cause instantaneous power failure, serious is the product disintegration. Disintegration refers to the terminal lugs in the plug state, due to materials, design, technology, and other reasons leading to structural unreliability caused by the plug and socket between, between the pin and the jack is not normal separation. This will cause the control system power transmission and signal control interruption of serious consequences. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, heat treatment, mold, assembly, fusion, and other poor quality of the process, assembly is not in place, etc. will cause poor fixing.

In addition, due to plating peeling, corrosion, bruising, plastic shell flying edge, rupture, contact parts processing rough, deformation and other reasons caused by the appearance of bad, due to positioning locking with poor size, poor consistency of processing quality, the total separation force is too large and other reasons caused by the interchangeable bad, is also a common disease, multi-cause. These kinds of failures can generally be found in the inspection and use process in time to eliminate.

Double-hole copper lugs, compared to single-hole copper cable lugs, has many advantages. First, the contact area of the front of the double-hole copper cable terminal lugs is larger than that of the single-hole Secondly, the double-hole is fixed by two bolts. It will not be shifted and lead to poor contact and poor fixation caused by overhanging contact surfaces. The only disadvantage is that it is more expensive than a single hole.

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