What are the characteristics and advantages of cold shrink end joints?

Cold shrink tube termination: High flexibility, excellent electrical performance and efficient installation.

Additional cooling assistance, uneven contact, poor sealing, low installation efficiency, and increased installation costs.

Are these your pain points?

Let us give you a way out.

Breaking through the traditional process and technology, the cold shrink tube termination was born.

The cold shrinkable cable assembly is made of imported LSR silicone rubber material. It not only has excellent electrical properties, but also has perfect physical properties, such as high flexibility and long life.

Special design, tight connection between cable body and tube. There is no need to catch fire during installation, so it is more safe and reliable. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, mining, underwater and other harsh conditions.

Advantage 1: You do not need other tools or open flames.

No need for heat or special tools during installation, no open flame, no heating, so it is safe and reliable. Save time and energy, just pull the core, the elastic body can quickly shrink and tightly install the required area.

Advantage 2: Adapt to various environmental conditions

Dirt resistance, aging resistance, excellent cold resistance, good hydrophobic and hydrophobic migration performance, suitable for high altitude, cold, humid, salt spray and heavily polluted areas.

Advantage 3: The inner layers of the accessories will not be disconnected due to bending and movement.

As we all know, heat shrinkable tubing requires heat, and uneven contact occurs due to bending or movement. The cold-shrinkable tube terminal does not need to be heated, and the cold-shrinkable cable tube terminal has elastic compression force, and there will be no disconnection between the inner layers of the accessory due to bending and movement.

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