Why Use Plastic Nylon Cable Gland? What Is It Used For?

Advantage: Good Sealing, Strong Weather Resistance and Easy Installation.

Are you still worried that the rotation of the cables connected to the distribution cabinet and friction with the distribution cabinet will shorten the service life of the cables?

Now, here is a solution.

Cable gland is a kind of cable accessories, which plays a vital role in cable laying. Its main function is to tighten and seal the cable. The tightening device passes the cable through the gland so that the cable will not produce axial displacement and radial rotation, thereby ensuring the normal connection of the cable. Sealing refers to IP protection-dustproof and waterproof.

Typical Application Example

As the types of cable accessories increase, it also brings challenges and opportunities to the entire wire and cable industry.

For example, in the process of cable laying, not only the wires that enter the power distribution cabinet must be fixed, but also the friction between the cable and the power distribution cabinet must be reduced, and it has good sealing performance. In addition, ensure the safe operation of the circuit.

Nylon Cable Gland Application advantages:

1. Easy to install and reduce construction time

2. Many types and specifications are suitable for non-armoured cables of various sizes.

3. Wide temperature range: -20-100

4. Keep the circuit unblocked and the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint.

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