What are the Power Cable Standards? How to Divide? Please Collect!

All industries have their standard system, power cable as the national electricity infrastructure, in the direction of import and export to develop strict and effective standards. Not only can ensure the people’s safety of electricity, but also standardizes the production of enterprises and promotes the healthy development of the industry. In recent years, various countries around the world have been paying more and more attention to the importance of power cable standards.

ZMS cable editorial compiled about the power cable most commonly used 32 national standards, only for your reference.

Under the cable standard there are several cable types for each type of cable

Power Cable Standards

1 Standard No.: GB/T 5013-2008

Name: “Rated voltage 450/750V and the following rubber-insulated cable

2 Standard No.: GB/T 5023-2006

Name: “Rated voltage 450/750V and the following polyvinyl chloride insulated cable

3 Standard No.: GB/T 9330-2008

Name: “Plastic Insulated Control Cables

4 Standard No.: GB/T 12706-2008

Name: “Rated voltage 1 kV (Um=1.2 kV) to 35 kV (Um=40.5 kV) extruded insulated power cables and accessories”.

5 Standard No.: GB/T 12976-2008

Name: “Rated voltage 35 kV (Um=40.5 kV) and below paper insulated power cables and their accessories.

6 Standard No.: GB/T 11017-2014

Name: “Rated voltage 110 kV (Um=126 kV) cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables and their accessories”.

7 Standard No.: GB/T 18890-2015

Name: Rated Voltage 220 kV (Um=252 kV) Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Power Cables and Their Accessories

8 Standard No.: GB/T 22078-2008

Name: Rated Voltage 500 kV (Um=550 kV) Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Power Cables and Their Accessories

9 Standard No.: GB/T 31840-2015

Name: “Rated voltage 1 kV (Um=1.2 kV) to 35 kV (Um=40.5 kV) aluminum alloy core extruded insulated power cable

10 Standard No.: GB/T 12527-2008

Name: “Rated voltage 1 kV and the following overhead insulated cable

11 Standard No.: GB/T 14049-2008

Name: Rated voltage 10 kV overhead insulated cable

12 Standard No.: GB/T 17048-2009

Name: “Overhead stranded wire with hard aluminum wire

13 Standard No.: GB/T 12972-2008

Name: “Mining Rubber Flexible Cable

14 Standard No.: GB/T 19666-2005

Name:《Flame-retardant and fire-resistant power cables General Rules

15 Standard Number: GB/T 3956-2008

Name: “The conductor of the cable

16 Standard Number: GB/T 6995-2008

Name: “Power Cable Identification Marking Methods

17 Standard Number: GB/T 32129-2015

Name: “Halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant cable material for power cables

types of offshore cable
The cable will form a certain protective layer on the inner wall of the insulation layer during operation, thus effectively reducing the insulation short circuit and other fault phenomena in high-temperature environments.

18 Standard No.: GB/T 3048-2007

Name: “Power Cable Electrical Performance Test Methods

19 Standard Number: GB/T 31723-2015

Name: “Test Methods for Metal Communication Cables

20 standard number: GB/T 30552-2014

Name: “Aluminum alloy wire for cable conductors

21 Standard Number: GB/T 30085-2013

Name:《Industrial system installations and equipment and industrial products Marking of cables and power

22 Standard No.: GB/T 18380.11-2008

Name:《Cable and fiber optic cable under the flame conditions of combustion test

23 Standard No.: YS/T 888-2013

Name: “Classification of waste power cables

24 Standard No.: GB/T 29782-2013

Name:《Environmental Awareness Design Guidelines for Power Cables

25 Standard Number: GB/T 8815-2008

Name: “Power cables with soft polyvinyl chloride plastic

26 Standard No.: GB/T 15065-2009

Name: “Black polyethylene plastic for power cables

27 Standard Number: GB/T 26171-2010

Name: “Power cable special equipment testing methods

28 Standard Number: GB/T 28567-2012

Name: “Power cable special equipment technical requirements

29 Standard Number: GB/T 11327-1999

Name: “Polyvinyl chloride insulation polyvinyl chloride sheath low-frequency communication cable power

30 Standard Number: GB/T 12666-2008

Name: “Single power cable combustion test method

31 Standard Number: GB/T 18015.2-2007

Name: “Pair or star-stranded multi-core symmetrical cables for digital communications”.

32 Standard Number: SNT-0232.1-2007

Name: “Import and Export Power Cable Inspection Regulations

Various national standards not only regulate the technical parameters of power cable production but also make several clear provisions for its acceptance testing, quality supervision, and other aspects.

To ensure that the technical performance, service life, safety, and other aspects of the relevant products meet certain requirements.

low and medium voltage power cable for wind power project
Boost cable is the most common wind power transmission line cable, suitable for the low-voltage operating environment and low-voltage operating conditions

Important National Standards for Power Cables

GB/T 5023-2008

Rated voltage 450/750V and the following polyvinyl chloride insulated cables

The standard for the rated voltage of 450/750V and the following polyvinyl chloride insulated cables, from the type, structure, technical requirements and test methods, and other aspects of the content of the following seven parts of the regulations:

General requirements

Test methods

Unsheathed cables for fixed wiring

Sheathed cables for fixed wiring

Flexible cables (flexible cords)

Cables for elevator cables and flexible connections

Two-core or multi-core shielded and unshielded flexible cables

JB/T 8734-2016

Rated voltage 450/750V and below polyvinyl chloride insulated cable power and flexible wire

The standard for the rated voltage 450/750V and below polyvinyl chloride insulated cable power and flexible line of various types of models, specifications, technical requirements, and test methods, the scope of application to make clear provisions:

General Provisions

Fixed wiring with cable power

Connection with soft power and flexible cable

Installation of power

Shielded power

Elevator cables

GB/T 19666-2019

Flame-retardant and fire-resistant power cables or fiber-optic cables are general rules

The standard specifies the combustion characteristics of flame-retardant and fire-resistant power cables or fiber optic cables code, technical requirements, test methods, and acceptance rules, including halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxicity, flame-retardant, and fire-resistant combustion characteristics.

The standard applies to halogenated, halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxicity flame-retardant, and fire-resistant power cables or fiber optic cables.

JB/T 10491-2022

Rated voltage 450/750V and below cross-linked polyolefin insulated power cables

The standard specifies the product structure of power and cable, test and technical requirements, delivery length, inspection and acceptance rules, as well as marking and packaging.

The standard applies to the manufacture of cross-linked polyolefin insulated power and cables with copper conductors for fixed wiring connections and electrical and electronic equipment connections with rated voltage 450/750V and below.


Rated voltage 1kV(Um=1.2kV) to 3kV(Um=3.6kV) cables

The standard specifies the structure, dimensions, and test requirements for extruded insulated power cables with rated voltages of 1kV (Um=1.2kV) and 3kV (Um=3.6kV).

The standard applies to extruded insulated power cables with rated voltages of 1kV (Um=1.2kV) and 3kV (Um=3.6kV) for fixed installations in distribution networks or industrial installations.

Not applicable to cables for special installation and operating conditions, such as overhead lines, mining industry, nuclear power plants (in and near containment), and underwater or propagation.

GB/T 9330-2020

Plastic insulated control cables

The standard specifies the AC-rated voltage U0/U for 450/750V extruded polyvinyl chloride and cross-linked polyvinyl chloride insulation, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride and halogen-free polyvinyl chloride hydrocarbon sheathed control cables product code and marking method, cable name and type specification, finished cable marking and insulation core identification, technical requirements, test methods and testing rules, use of the characteristics and packaging.

The standard applies to AC-rated voltage U0/U for 450/750V and the following control, monitoring circuits, protection lines, and other occasions of fixed-laying control cables.

GB/T 3048

Electrical performance test methods for power cables

The standard specifies the general requirements of the electrical performance test of power cables, definitions, and test equipment for periodic calibration requirements.

The standard applies to a variety of power cables and electrical equipment with power cable electrical performance tests.

Power cable is an electrician, electric power, light industry essential supporting products.

From the ultra-high voltage transmission power lines to household appliances, each link is inseparable from the power cable.

It is a wide variety of large-scale, global cable production factories up to several hundred thousand, and many products are included in the world electrical product safety certification of the product range.

ZMS cable is a new leader in the field of power cable standardization, with quality as the first, the development of the big, and the standard as the basis. The standard is the cable enterprise independent innovation, leapfrog development of the magic weapon, is the country’s scientific development, and social harmony guarantee.