Must See! Do You Know The Advantages Of Composite Insulators?

Composite insulators can effectively use narrow corridors to open voltage and transmit electricity, and are suitable for technical transformation of urban network. They can reduce the height of poles and towers and save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Due to the high bending strength of composite material insulators, it can prevent the cascading fracture accidents that are prone to porcelain cross arm, and it is an irreplaceable product for porcelain cross arm. In addition, the composite insulator is small in size, light in weight, shockproof and impact resistant, and does not require manual cleaning, which provides a guarantee for safe operation.

This product adopts an integral rod design, compact structure, high quality, and weight is 1/10 of the same level of porcelain and glass insulators. Transportation and installation are extremely convenient. Suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, large spans and compact lines. The pollution flashover voltage is 30%-50% higher than the same grade porcelain and glass insulators. Stable performance under ambient temperature of -60°C to +200°C; adopts non-breakdown design, no need to measure zero value during operation.

Its silicone rubber umbrella skirt adopts integral injection molding process, which solves the key problem that affects the reliability of composite insulators. Interface electrical breakdown. The connection between the glass pull rod and the fittings adopts the most advanced crimping technology, equipped with a fully automatic sonic flaw detection system, with high strength, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight. Metal fittings are galvanized to prevent corrosion and can be used interchangeably with porcelain insulators. The product structure is reliable, does not damage the core rod, and can give full play to its mechanical strength.

It has superior electrical performance and high mechanical strength. The tensile and bending strength of the epoxy glass pull rod internally carried is 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel, and 8-10 times that of high-strength porcelain materials, which effectively improves the reliability of safe operation.

It has good pollution resistance, and strong anti-pollution flashover. Its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage are 2~2.5 times that of porcelain insulators with the same creepage distance. There is no need to clean, and it can operate safely in heavily polluted areas.

Small size and light weight (only 1/6~1/9 of porcelain insulators of the same voltage level). Light structure, easy to transport and install.

The silicone rubber umbrella skirt has good water-repellent properties, and its overall structure ensures that the internal insulation is not damp. No preventive insulation monitoring test is required, no cleaning is required, and daily maintenance workload is reduced.

Good sealing performance and strong resistance to electrical corrosion. Umbrella skirt material is resistant to leakage and tracking up to TMA4.5 level. It has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and low temperature resistance, and can be used in the area of -40℃~-50℃.

Has strong impact resistance and shock resistance. It has good anti-brittleness and creep resistance, is not easy to break, bend, and has high torsional strength. It can withstand internal pressure, has strong explosion-proof force, and can be interchanged with porcelain and glass insulators. 

The composite insulator series products have better mechanical and electrical properties than ceramic insulators, and have a large operating safety margin. They are updated products for power lines.

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