Briefly Explain What Is The Difference Between Fiber Optic And Fiber Optic Cable

First, explain the significance of fiber optic communication: fiber optic communication is one of the most meaningful inventions since World War II, without fiber-optic communication, there would not be today’s communication network.

In 1976, the world’s first civilian fiber-optic communication line opened, human communication into the “age of light”. In the same year, China’s first practical optical fiber was born in Wuhan Institute of Post and Telecommunications Science and Technology, which greatly shortened the gap between China and Western developed countries in the field of optical communication and opened a new era of China’s optical fiber communication technology and industrial development.

In the rapid development of the Internet today, the Internet of Things is also growing rapidly, 5G, is the basis for the realization of the Internet of Things. In this era of intelligence, our rapid economic development, can not be separated from the Chinese national hard work spirit, but also each of us adhere to their position’s silent hard work so that the world knows the speed of China. As a communications industry over, witnessed the speed of communications, experienced 2G introduction of equipment, 3G equipment diversification, 4G localization, 5G internationalization, which is the speed of China’s wireless communications development, from lagging to follow, and finally achieve beyond.

PS: fiber-optic development history

In ancient times, there was no Internet, no fiber optic cable, the only way to quickly transmit information was to use flying pigeons. With the rapid development of science and technology, mankind has entered the information age, with the increase in the amount of information, we have to find a new way of transmission, after years of research, faster transmission speed transmission of greater volume, low-loss fiber optic communication was born, from then on, mankind has entered the age of light.

In 1870, British physicists discovered the principle of total reflection of light, which laid the foundation for future fiber optic transmission signals.

In 1880, the invention of the “optical telephone” is the use of light beams to transmit sound waves.

In 1966, Dr. Kao published the “optical frequency dielectric fiber surface waveguide”, and manufactured the world’s first optical fiber that can be used for communication.

Optical Fiber

The main component of optical fiber is glass fiber, the main component in the glazing junction dimension is high purity silica, fired at 1500 degrees Celsius into a fiber prefabricated rod, fiber prefabricated rod made into the suspension to the drawing furnace, can be uninterrupted drawing 7500 kilometers in length, an annealing tube cleaned to prevent impurities and dust fall on the fiber, melted into a soft embryo at a high temperature of 2200 degrees Celsius after, After the 1-meter-long annealing tube, it gradually cools to become a 0.1 mm diameter glass filament, and the winder rotates to drive the fiber drawing and complete the fiber collection. Optical fiber made of glass fiber inside the fiber can transmit optical signals to thousands of kilometers away, hundreds of thousands of optical fibers combined to make a cable like fiber optic cable, which not only improves the strength of the optical fiber but also greatly increases the communication capacity.

This is the optical fiber production process, the production is a long, thin glass optical fiber if you melt the fiber will find that each fiber optic cable peeled is a transparent glass body fiber, very brittle, easy to break, but you straight-pull how to pull constantly, which also melt fiber often hear some seniors say that the fiber can not be folded, easy to break the reason. These are the characteristics of optical fiber.

Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable is commonly known as more than one optical fiber through the post-processing jacket, layers of protection, so that the fiber can be transmitted in the outdoor, indoor environment, not easy to break so that the fiber can adapt to all kinds of different environments. Fiber optic cable is the transmission of data important information in high speed, affecting the aspects of our lives, the most listened to is the fiber to the home it should be called fiber optic cable to the home, only it is very thin fiber optic cable, called skin cable. Fiber optic cable mainly has these models: 6 core, 8 core, 12 core, 48 core, 72 core, 96 core, 144 core, 288 core, etc. The most commonly used 6, 8, 12, 24, 48 core fiber optic cable.

The difference between fiber optic and fiber optic cable, widely speaking fiber optic is fiber optic cable, are a transmission medium. But strictly speaking, the two are not the same product, the difference between the optical fiber and fiber optic cable: optical fiber is a fine and flexible medium for transmitting light beams. Most optical fibers must be wrapped by several layers of protective structures before use, and the wrapped cable is known as fiber optic cable. So the optical fiber is the core part of the fiber optic cable, optical fiber after some components extremely attached to the protection of the protective layer constitutes the fiber optic cable.

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