Characteristics And Benefits Of Cable Terminal Lug

When the cable lug under take the cable engineering project around small, and medium scale. Power cable terminal connection workable to provide efficient and effective connections inside cable connection projects.

When you are new to the market place and you are looking to get a cable terminal lugs, you more than likely want to find out the huge benefits and characteristics of cable terminal lugs. It’s far better to become well informed than regretting once the purchase. This post will shed more light around the characteristics and great things about cable lugs.

Characteristics of Cable Lugs

1. Cable lugs are often used for cable end connection and connection, which can make the cable and electrical connection stronger and safer.

2. It is a commonly used material for construction, electrical equipment, electrical connections, etc.

3. The product has good appearance specifications, good electrical conductivity and safety.

4. Suitable for small and medium-sized construction projects.

5. Convenient connection and stable operation.

Types of Cable Lugs

As the terminal lugs of commonly used electrical equipment have two types: copper lugs and aluminum lugs. The bus conductor is divided into aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire. Therefore, the equipment terminal lugs are divided into aluminum equipment lugs, copper equipment lugs and copper-aluminum transition equipment.

DTL copper-aluminum terminal lugs are suitable for excessive connection of aluminum core cables of power distribution devices and copper terminals of electrical equipment.

DL aluminum terminal lugs are used to connect aluminum core cables to the aluminum ends of electrical equipment.

DT copper terminal lugs are used to connect copper core cables to the copper ends of electrical equipment.

The cable lugs are designed to be easy to install and disassemble for easy repair or maintenance. Cable lugs are generally used to connect cables. Depending on the type, it can be welded or crimped. Then the connecting end of the lug can be fixed to the corresponding position or connection point by bolts, screws or spring clips. Many sizes, configurations, and material types are usually available to suit specific applications, but metal is the main material used.

The many advantages of a cable lugs make it suitable for use within small to medium sized cable connection projects, specially in power cable transmission projects. Ideally, you can bring it together with you anywhere you go on your own next project, and can certainly become an important part of any project.

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