With the spread of new coronaviruses around the world, safety prevention and control are particularly important in this increasingly severe situation. We have taken several approaches to this disease. ZMS has made a real contribution to the fight against the new coronaviruses.

ZMS electric cable company reminds everyone to be aware of protection. It is recommended that you pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, disinfects the inside and outside the house, wear professional masks when going out, reduce going out and sparsely populated places, and avoid cross-infection.

ZMS electric wire supplier is concerned about the epidemic, and we actively fulfill our social responsibility. Due to the impact of the epidemic, although our company cannot provide you with free masks, in order to help everyone overcome this difficulty, we can provide you with a low-cost medical mask purchase channel. Come together to overcome the difficulties of the new coronavirus.

In the past few decades, ZMS company has rich export experience in the field of re-industry and has been doing better and better in service and export work. Our company has established business relationships with many mask manufacturers or medical product factories in Southeast and South American countries. We provide them with high-quality medical products. And helped them produce better products that were warmly welcomed by buyers worldwide. We look forward to establishing a good relationship between ZMS and your company and hope that our products can help your company grow.

If you need any related medical masks, or protective clothing, protective glasses, thermometer, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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