Some Common Questions About Electric Vehicle Cables

An electric vehicle charging cable is a flexible cable used to connect electric cars to charging posts or power outlets. The high-quality oxygen-free copper conductor ensures superior conductivity, the TPE insulation material is soft and high strength, and the sheath is made of high-performance TPE. it has the characteristics of weather resistance, high/low-temperature resistance, friction resistance, etc.

1. Why The Big Electric Car Charging Cable Is Mostly AC

Electric vehicle charging cables, also known as slow charging, may seem to deviate from this fast-paced era.

But why most of today’s charging posts are AC?

The main thing is safety, DC fast charging, and AC slow charging in comparison to safety issues we have introduced before. Simply put, DC charging lines can easily lead to overheating of certain batteries and safety problems.

In terms of cost, AC charging posts are also much more economical than DC charging posts. AC EV charging cables are relatively lighter and the size of the charging posts is smaller than DC charging posts, which makes the layout of charging stations more flexible.

Then there is the demand in the usage scenario. When we are on the highway, we don’t want to charge for several hours, but usually, we don’t need fast charging except for very few emergency needs. Sleeping, going to work, and shopping when plugged into the slow-charging can be, frequent use of fast charging will only accelerate the aging of the battery.

In general, before the practicality of fast-charging technology makes a qualitative leap, AC electric car charging cables will always occupy the main body.

2. The Difference Between Outer Sheath And Insulation Material Of High-Voltage Cable In Electric Vehicles

The high-voltage cable inside the electric vehicle is the life of the power system, and the outer sheath is the outer layer of the cable. The main role of the outer sheath is to strengthen the insulation performance while protecting the cable from mechanical damage.

Sheath materials can be divided into metal materials and non-metallic materials. Metal materials are copper sheath, aluminum sheath, and lead sheath. The non-metallic sheath is divided into PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, fluoroplastic, silicone rubber, neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, butadiene rubber, low smoke halogen-free polyolefin, polyurethane, tpe, etc.

The quality of the product is good or bad, good or bad, its characteristics are reflected from the appearance quality of the product, no matter which product, or semi-finished products, in the production should pay attention to the appearance quality, the implementation of strict control and inspection.

The sheath is the appearance of the high-voltage wire in the electric car. Its appearance requirements are smooth and round, uniform luster, no deviated core (not greater than the specified deviation), no mechanical damage, flattening, no visually visible debris, bubbles, sand eyes, obvious particles, bamboo knot shape, twist shape, etc.

In addition to the above quality requirements, the sheath thickness also has an impact on the quality of high-voltage cables in electric vehicles.

The primary role of sheathing material is to protect the cable. It is used to select the sheath material according to external conditions, temperature, humidity, chemical environment, and other requirements.

Insulation material mainly serves to provide protection for conductor insulation and is used to select non-insulation material and temperature levels according to conductor heat generation, service life, and other requirements.

3. Measure The Quality Of The Electric Vehicle’s High-Voltage Wire To See Which Aspects

The rising use of electric vehicles at the same time so that the electric car high-voltage wire is very concerned about the cable is a new energy vehicle power access is also an important power material, so to choose a good car wire to reflect the quality of performance in the use of the process. For the purchase of users in the selection of car wire also need to learn to identify the quality. The following small analysis of the quality of the wire to measure the main aspects:

3.1. Withstand ability

The ability to withstand the use of the process is critical and will affect the quality of performance. Measure the quality of the wire can be viewed by understanding its overall resistance to high temperature and crush resistance and corrosion resistance performance of the wire. As used in different environments, only good resistance can highlight the quality of use, and the safety of the long-term use process will not be easily damaged.

3.2. Bending radius degree

In the measurement of electric vehicles, the high-voltage wire can also be measured by looking at the bending radius of the wire to measure. The charging operation of the car is often adjusted according to the different vehicle’s charging. Wire bending radius degree of good wire to achieve the needs of different car charging, bending degree is also good to protect the wire from being broken or broken skin and other phenomena, the use of the process of charging flexibility.

3.3 Copper quality is good or bad

Identify the car wire can also be identified by looking at the quality of copper to identify the quality. Good copper wire not only has a long service life and high security and can be fast when charging. Good copper wire both good conductivity and energy saving, reducing charging costs. Therefore, the quality of identification is mainly to see the quality of its copper.

In order to be able to use the process of excellent performance, you need to know how to select and measure the quality of the wire. You can choose a good reputation electric car high voltage wire to achieve high quality charging needs for new energy vehicles. And can ensure that the rated current in the continuous charging works for a long time. Can also reduce the charging process of bad phenomena and can also improve the use of wire life.

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