Take You Through What a Power Transformer Is?

A transformer is static electrical equipment used to transform the AC voltage and current and transmit the AC electrical energy. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the transmission of electrical energy. Transformers can be divided into power transformers, test transformers, instrument transformers, and special-purpose transformers: power transformers are necessary equipment for power transmission and distribution, power user distribution. Test transformers are equipment for withstanding voltage (boost) tests of electrical equipment; instrument transformers are used for electrical measurement and relay protection (PT, CT) of power distribution systems.

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Electrical Transformer Basics


Classified by cooling method: dry type (self-cooling) transformer, oil-immersed (self-cooling) transformer, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformer.

Classified by moisture-proof way: open type transformer, potted transformer, sealed transformer.

Classified by core or coil structure: core transformer (insert core, C-core, ferrite core), shell transformer (insert core, C-core, ferrite core), toroidal transformer, metal foil transformer.

Classified by the number of power phases: single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers, multi-phase transformers.

Classification by use: power transformers, voltage regulator transformers, audio transformers, medium frequency transformers, high frequency transformers, pulse transformers.

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