Basic Introduction of Suspension Clamp

The typical products of suspension clamp now retain the U-bolt style (usually called ship clamp). It is composed of a hanger U-bolt, clamp hull, and pressing plate made of malleable cast iron. The other is a pre-twisted suspension clamp. The suspension clamp is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the linear pole and tower or hang the lightning conductor on the linear pole and tower. It can also be used to support the transposition conductor on the transposition pole and tower and fix the jumper of the tension angle pole and tower.

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What is the Overhead Line Fitting? What is its Concept?

What are overhead line fittings?

Overhead line fitting is an accessory that connects and combines various devices in the power system to transfer mechanical and electrical loads or to play a protective role.
Overhead line fitting is an important part applied to the “power grid”, there are very many cross nodes in the power system of power transmission and distribution. Line crossings form a network, and each line crossing point needs to be fixed. There are many substations in the grid that form the intermediate nodes of the grid, and there are many power towers that support the main lines of the grid. The transmission of electrical energy requires conductor contact to be carried out and sufficient current-carrying area to be maintained at high power levels. That is, the grid equipment and conductors such as conductors ensure good and solid contact between.

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What is an Anchor Clamp?

The advantages of anchoring clamps: simple installation, safe use, and low price. According to different structures and installation conditions, clamps can be roughly divided into two categories. The first type: the anchor tension clamp should bear the full tension of the conductor or lightning rod, and the grip of the clamp should not be less … Read more

Features Of ZMS’s Prefabricated Suspension Clamps

Prefabricated Hanging Clip The prefabricated suspension clamps are mainly used to support OPGW suspension cables. It is suitable for transmission lines of OPGW cables, conductors and ground wires. It is recommended to use it on lines with a turning angle less than 30 degrees. Compared with ordinary suspension clamps, pre-twisted suspension clamps have the following … Read more