The Difference Between PVC Cable and XLPE Cable

PVC cables and XLPE cables are the two most widely used power cables.
PVC cable have a good price advantage. (PVC cable: polyvinyl chloride cable).
XLPE cables have better cable characteristics. (XLPE cable: cross-linked polyethylene cable).

XLPE cable is equivalent to an upgraded version of PVC cable to some extent.

XLPE power cable:

XLPE cables are suitable for distribution networks, industrial devices, or other parts that require large-capacity electrical applications.

Used to fix it on a power transmission line on the AC 50Hz, the rated voltage 6kV ~ 35kV. Its main function is to convey power.

PVC power cable:

Suitable for the fixed installation of power plants with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below.

  1. Different Feature:

The characteristics of the XLPE cable:
(1) Simple structure
(2) Light weight
(3) Hot resistance
(4) Strong load capacity
(5) Not easy to melt
(6) Chemical corrosion
(7) High mechanical strength

Characteristics of PVC cable:

PVC has been a wide range of common plastics in the world, and is very wide.

However, polyvinyl chloride is poorly stabilized. The softening point is 176 degrees Fahrenheit, starts to decompose at 266 fairness.

And when the polyvinyl chloride cable is melted or fire, it will exude toxic smog and harmful to the human body.

  1. The Price Is Different:

The price of the XLPE cable is higher than the price of the PVC cable.

ZMS’s nature of XLPE cable:

(1)Heat resistance: The XLPE of the mesh stereo structure has excellent heat resistance. In 572 Fahrenheit below, it will not decompose and carbonize, and the long-term working temperature can reach 194 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heat service is up to 40 years.

(2)Insulation properties: XLPE maintains the original good insulation characteristics of PE, and the insulation resistance is further increased. The loss of the medium loss is small and the temperature is not affected by the temperature.

(3)Mechanical properties: Since the new chemical bonds were established between the macromolecules, XLPE hardness, stiffness, wear resistance, and impact resistance were improved, thereby filled the shortcomings of PEs susceptible to environmental stresses and cracks.

(4)Chemical resistance: XLPE has strong acid-based and oil resistance, and its combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, which is less harmful to the environment, and meet the requirements of modern fire safety.

The XLPE cable is more environmentally friendly than the PVC cable.

ZMS will be your first choice in terms of price and quality.
Note: ZMS’s main purpose is to gain the trust of customers with low prices and high quality.

The XLPE insulated cable is light than that of the PVC insulated cable, small diameter, convenient installation, and simple accessories.

Because the XLPE insulated cable has the advantages that PVC insulated cables cannot match. It has a simple structure, light weight, heat resistance, strong load capacity, no melting, chemical corrosion, mechanical strength, and has been widely recognized by the user.

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