What are the Advantages of Cold Shrink Cable Termination?

The Difference Between Cold Shrink Termination and Heat Shrink Termination:

1. The difference between the ground wire connection methods: Cold-shrinkable cable accessories use constant force springs. The heat shrinkable cable accessories need to be soldered when using a ground wire.

2. The difference of the shrinkage method: The plastic support strip of the core part of the cold-shrinkable cable accessory shrinks naturally. The heat-shrinkable cable accessory needs to be heated by fire to shrink the low-voltage cable termination.

Advantages of Cold Shrink Cable Termination and Joint:

a. Convenient Construction: It does not require hot fire and special tools for cable termination and joint. And there is no trouble of inserting one by one, just gently extract the core rope. A constant force spring is used when the terminal joint is grounded, and it does not require welding or copper binding. The construction is time-saving, labor-saving and space-saving. It is especially suitable for places with small construction space.

b. Wide Applicability: The cold-shrinkable cable accessories are constructed using pre-expansion technology. Therefore, each specification can be applied to a variety of cable diameters. And it has strong compatibility with cable diameters. The cold-shrinkable cable termination and joint is structurally speaking. The cold-shrinkable cable termination is an integral prefabricated compact design from the structural point of view, and the electric stress control, the external insulation protection tube and the rain skirt are integrated.

c. Reliable Performance: The geometric method is used when the electric stress is controlled by the electric field. It changes the electric field distribution through the stress cone, which is solved by a certain geometric shape and R angle. This method is easier to control and test. Through this kind of stress control method, the high electric field intensity on the surface of the terminal can be reduced to a safe range of 15V/mil. The high electric displacement is towards the end of the cable, rather than concentrated near the cut of the cable shield. Thereby, the electric field distribution of the outer insulation of the cable terminal tends to diverge, and the high-quality cable terminal accessories are uniform. Therefore, the discharge voltage of the outer insulation is increased, and the diameter of the entire cable terminal head is reduced, and the shape factor is increased. The effect is also to increase the discharge voltage.

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