Attention Should Be Paid to the Installation of Dry-Type Transformers?

Installing dry-type transformers is the most important part before using dry-type transformers. If it is not installed, it will naturally affect everyone’s electricity consumption. It even affects the electricity consumption of residents in the whole area and the whole district. Therefore, a professional electrician should be invited to carry out the installation and operation, and avoid uninformed people from starting at will.

Before installation, a small environment must be safely erected. That is, the circuit in an area is temporarily closed through a switch to create a safe environment without electricity for the operator before installation. This is important and cannot be installed without powering up.

At the same time, in the process of installation, pay attention to a careful and flexible change of the actual application of the transformer. For example, dry-type transformers are used individually and in groups, and their wiring distribution is different. When installing, you should pull the wires according to the actual situation.

Furthermore, after installation, it cannot be powered on immediately. Instead, a spare small power supply should be used for a test, and the input and output voltage of the transformer should be tested with a capacitor pen. When the standard performance is reached, the installation is normal, and the function is normal, the entire installation can be ended.

Please pay attention to safety protection during use.

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