How to Choose the Cables in the High-Voltage Electrical Distribution Cabinet?

As a member of the electric power industry, electric wires and cables are an indispensable part of our daily work. Wires and cables are used to transmit electric energy, information, and realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy. The insulated cable is composed of one or more insulated cores, and their respective coatings, total protective layers and outer protective layers. Cables are used to transmit electrical energy, information, and wire products for electromagnetic energy conversion.

Wires and cables are the main carriers of power transmission, and their use range is extremely wide. The choice of cables is directly related to the safe use of our high-voltage power distribution cabinets in the future. Inferior cables are extremely harmful. There are many cables that save costs. They don’t use regular insulation materials, but look back on discarded plastics, which are prone to leakage. Some cables are too thin. When the current is too large, they cannot load the current and are prone to danger.

We Can Identify inferior Cables By the Following Methods

1. Whether the cable has 3c packaging and marking. If so, check the clarity and neatness of the logo printing. The general words of inferior quality are relatively fuzzy.

2. Ignite the insulating layer, and the ones that can ignite spontaneously after leaving the open flame are inferior.

3. Inferior insulation sheath is easy to fade.

4. Inferior cables are not resistant to abrasion. The cables are repeatedly bent and broken. That is inferior products.

The above methods are believed to be helpful in the selection of cables. Our electrical distribution cabinets have always taken every detail seriously and strictly treated every link, just to make your equipment more stable and safer.

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