Why Use Ring Terminal Lug with Insulation?

Ring Terminal Lug With Insulation: Simple Installation, Cheap

Cable lug is often used for cable end connection and continuation. Which can make the connection between cable and electrical appliances more firm and safer. It is a common material for building, electrical equipment, electrical connection and so on. Generally, when the wire is connected with the terminal, the corresponding terminal should be used for the cable end connection according to the requirements of the national wiring specification. And if it’s 4mm ² the above strands of copper wire need to be installed with wiring nose. And then connected with the terminal. Good appearance, good conductivity and safety.

It has the Following Advantages and Characteristics:

Copper lugs wiring, not only looks very beautiful, but also good conductivity. It is usually wiring is safer, in the power distribution cabinet, electrical industry, machinery industry used more. The common material classification of copper nose is red copper and brass.

Characteristics: connection, reduce loss, full contact current carrying capacity, easy replacement, low voltage loss.

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