Is It Necessary To Use An Aluminum Alloy Cable With Special Cable Terminal Blocks For An Aluminum Alloy?

cable terminal blocks

With the development of the cable industry, the advantages of copper-core cable are more. Copper-core cables occupy an absolute advantage over aluminum-core cables in the cable market. However, the high price of copper-core cable also caused an increase in production costs, and also bad construction. The aluminum-core cable as a cable industry “foreign army” emerged, in the market’s favor.

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Standards For Cable and Terminal Lug Crimping Specifications

cable copper tube lug

I. Remove Metal Stains, Get A Clean Cable Terminal Lug

Removing metal stains prior to cable connection is an important prerequisite for ensuring cable lug quality.

  1. Remove metal residues from the conductor surface by wiping.
  2. Inspect the conductor connection section and remove any visible oxides.
  3. Ensure that the conductor surface is free of metal residues, otherwise, conductor corrosion in the contact area will occur.
  4. Ensure that the decontamination of all components has been completed.

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Why Use Ring Terminal Lug with Insulation?

Ring Terminal Lug With Insulation: Simple Installation, Cheap Cable lug is often used for cable end connection and continuation. Which can make the connection between cable and electrical appliances more firm and safer. It is a common material for building, electrical equipment, electrical connection and so on. Generally, when the wire is connected with the … Read more