How Are The Lugs And Cables Tightly Welded?

Wire nose is also a very commonly used hardware in electric power systems. According to the industry, it is generally called a cable terminal. When connecting electricity, the more important step is to connect the cable lug with the cable. If the cable cannot be compacted, it is inevitable and easy to generate high temperature, and it will be easy to burn the circuit under a long-term high temperature state. This requires us to pay special attention when making connections. How do the lugs and cables be pressed and welded?

1. Turn on the electric heater or electric soldering iron first, let it heat up, and prepare for the next soldering.

2. Use crimping pliers to press the nose of the wire, and press it firmly, and then remove the thin wires scattered around.

3. Use an electric heating machine or an electric soldering iron to heat the wire nose to heat the copper wire inside.

4. Then use an electric heater or electric soldering iron to melt the solder, and then continuously feed the wire.

5. The melted and fed solder will flow into the wire nose separately, and then evenly tighten the solder joints.

6. After the welding is completed and let cool, the wire nose can be pressed tightly.

7. After these processes are completed, use electrical tape to wrap them.

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