The New Trend Of Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Electric Cable Industry

Low Voltage LSZH Electric Cable

Electric cables are mainly used to transmit electricity. It consists of one or more mutually insulated conductors. At present, most of the insulation in the electrical power system is made of PVC, XLPE, and LSZH materials.

With the development of economic construction, the number of power cables is increasing, and a large number of electric cables are installed in buildings. This has become a trend. In this case, once a fire occurs, the flame will spread and expand rapidly along with the power cable. Smoke and toxic gases released by cables have also become major safety hazards. Therefore, the flame retardancy and safety of cables have received extensive attention.

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As the safety concept is getting stronger and stronger, the quality and performance requirements of cables in various fields are getting higher and higher. Thus, low smoke zero halogen(LSZH) flame-retardant power cables came into being. It has the characteristics of low smoke, zero halogen, and low toxicity. The gas released during the combustion process will not produce harmful substances and can prevent the rapid spread of flames to a certain extent. Ensure that people have more time to escape. Therefore, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, and environmental protection have become the new direction of the electrical cable industry.

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