Frequent Cable Accidents? A careful Selection Of Cable Joint Accessories Can Reduce The Danger!

A cable joint is a very important cable accessory. After the cable is laid, the segments of the line must be connected as a whole in order to make it a continuous line. These connection points are called cable joints.
The main role of cable joints is to make the line pass through, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joints for safe and reliable operation. If the seal is poor, not only will oil leakage cause the oil-impregnated paper to dry out, but also moisture will invade the inside of the cable, so that the paper insulation performance decreases.

What are the common failures of cable middle joints?
The phenomenon of cable middle joint heating up. It is usually first manifested as an odor around the cable intermediate joint.
This is due to the odor generated by the outer insulation layer of the cable middle joint due to heat.
Secondly, smoke, redness, blackness of the outer insulation layer, fire, and even disconnection at the cable joints.
The heat in the middle joint of the cable will not only cause a large amount of power loss, but also seriously affect the normal work of electrical equipment. In light of this, the working current in the line increases, and the life of electrical equipment is shortened. Seriously, it will suddenly interrupt the ongoing production, scientific research, medical surgery and other activities. It can also lead to fire and electric shock accidents, etc., causing incalculable losses.

Most cable accidents are caused by the quality of cable accessories, so it is very important for manufacturers to provide high quality products.
ZMS intermediate connectors are made of silicone with excellent performance: good permeability, no bubbles left on the surface, and resistance to electric shock. The current slope is small under strong electric field stress. It is possible to monitor the inside of the insulation for undesirable problems through the transparent silicone. Permanent elasticity keeps the surface under pressure for a long time.
The function of ZMS cable accessories is mainly to rebuild the insulation function of the cable connection section. They are used on different cable cross-sections of the Pretty Bai products to match different cable insulation and link tube diameters. That’s why they are produced with elastic insulation and ZMS products are both easy and safe to install.

During installation, ZMS joints have the following components.
An inner conductive layer, forming a Faraday cage, surrounding the link pipe.
an insulating layer, having a transparent silicone made to be mounted on the connecting tube without deformation.
a gravitational tube, which equalizes the electric field on the cut edge of the semi-conductive layer of the cable.
(The service life of the intermediate joints of this brand can exceed 40 years.)

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