Do you know how to connect the cable lugs?

For the straight-line connection of cable lugs single-strand copper-core wires. First, cut the two wire ends to form a certain length of wire core, remove the surface oxide layer of the wire core, cross the two wire cores in an X shape, and twist each other 2 to 3 turns, Pull the straight head again.
When the general wire is connected to the terminal lugs, if it is a single-strand wire of 10mm2 and below, it needs to bend a circle at the end of the wire and connect it to the terminal. If it is a multi-strand copper wire of 4m㎡ or more, a terminal lug must be installed and then connected to the terminal.

Connection Methods of Wire

  1. Cut Wire Insulation
    Wire strippers or wire cutters can be used to strip the insulation layer of the wire, or an electrician’s knife can be used to cut the insulation layer of the plastic hard wire.
    When cutting the plastic hard wire insulation layer with an electrician knife, the electrician’s knife edge forms an angle of 450 with the wire on the wire that needs to be cut, cuts into the insulating layer obliquely, and then pushes and cuts at an angle of 250 degrees. Then fold the cut insulation layer and cut it all at once. Do not cut the core when cutting the insulation.
  1. Straight-line Connection and T-shaped Branch Connection of Single-strand Copper Conductor
    (1) For straight-line connection of single-strand copper conductors, first cut the two wire ends to obtain a certain length of core, remove the oxide layer on the surface of the core, cross the two cores in an X shape, and twist each other 2 to 3 turns , Then pull the straight head. Tightly wind the two straightened thread ends to each side for 6 turns, cut off the remaining thread ends and clamp the ends of the thread ends.
    (2) T-shaped branch connection of single-strand copper core wire: Intersect the cut core with the main wire core cross, leave about 3~5mm at the root of the branch wire core, and then close 6-8 turns on the main wire core in a clockwise direction, cut off the remaining wire core with wire cutters, and flatten the end of the wire core.

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