Introduction To The Problems In The Application Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

Under the trend of the gradual growth of electricity consumption in society, higher requirements are also put forward for the performance of power communication networks. A good communication condition must be guaranteed to enhance the safety and stability of the power system and provide users with more quality power supply services.

The application of ADSS fiber optic cable communication in practice can effectively expand the transmission capacity and guarantee the efficiency of signal transmission, which is the key to promoting the sustainable development of China’s electric power industry and meeting the current requirements of smart grid construction.

The influence of the external environment, human factors, and optical cable performance factors will lead to many problems with ADSS fiber optic cable. When the problem is serious, it will cause the failure of the line, and even cause serious power safety accidents, which is not conducive to the continuous promotion of power work.

Therefore, the effective management and maintenance of ADSS fiber optic cable should be strengthened to reduce the operational risk of fiber optic cable. It should be combined with the operational characteristics and needs of the communication network to develop a targeted application plan to prevent unexpected problems.

adss optical cable laying

Ⅰ. Overview of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

In the installation of ADSS fiber optic cable, a variety of factors need to be considered comprehensively, including the arc drape, distance, external environmental conditions, etc., to clarify the amount of fiber optic cable and erection methods.

The mechanical strength of ADSS fiber optic cable is fully tested to ensure that it has good performance.

In the overhead power lines, ADSS fiber optic cable is used more often, which can meet the requirements of tower erection and has a good economy, and can reduce the construction cost of power projects.

Layer-stranded ADSS fiber optic cable is used more often, usually, for lines below 220kV, line bearing and suspension lines are more fixed, which can avoid a greater impact on the fiber optic cable.

Ⅱ. The Application Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable In The Process Of Problems

(1) Galvanic Corrosion

Long-term exposure to the external environment will lead to the increase of soluble salts on the surface of the cable and will be affected by dust.

When there is a semi-conductive dirt layer, will make the cable surface resistance drop, if the surrounding area has a large induction potential, it will trigger a leakage current.

The resulting dry band arc is the main cause of the induced galvanic corrosion problem, when galvanic corrosion will lead to the destruction of ADSS fiber optic cable, affecting the good communication effect, there are also greater safety risks.

In the application of an anti-vibration whip, failure to control the distance with the ADSS fiber optic cable will also trigger a corona discharge situation, which will also lead to the occurrence of galvanic corrosion conditions.

(2) Mechanical Properties Are Damaged

The force characteristics and operating conditions of fiber optic cable will be affected by the mechanical properties, and the failure to make a reasonable choice of ADSS fiber optic cable when selecting it is the main reason for the problems in subsequent use.

Failure to analyze and evaluate the force data of the fiber optic cable from the static mechanic’s point of view leads to uneven force during its use and serious damage in the stretching.

Need to implement the calculation of the tensile situation and arc sag through the relevant professional software, but the influence of a variety of external factors, also makes the calculation process very complex, it is difficult to obtain reliable data, so the protection of the mechanical properties of ADSS fiber optic cable is not effective.

(3) Dynamic Changes

Electrical conditions are not static but show the characteristics of dynamic change, which also has a greater negative impact on the application of ADSS fiber optic cable.

The calculation is usually implemented based on static changes, and the lack of analysis of the performance of fiber optic cable under dynamic change conditions is easy to cause the problem of fiber optic cable failure, which is not conducive to the operation of communication networks.

For the analysis of the electromagnetic state, in addition to clarifying the distance of ADSS fiber optic cable, should also pay attention to its hanging point, but the analysis in practice often lacks the dynamic nature of the work, increasing the difficulty of calculating the processing.

(4) Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are the main factors affecting the application performance of ADSS fiber optic cable, especially when there is a large variability in the external temperature makes, will also lead to changes in the performance of ADSS fiber optic cable, often need to analyze its impact characteristics by way of simulation experiments to obtain the changes in the performance of fiber optic cable under different temperatures.

The use of ADSS fiber optic cable will also be affected by high winds, if the wind is high or the wind speed is too fast, it will have an impact on the construction and application.

In the winter more snow and ice are covering the situation, making the load on the fiber optic cable increase, there will also be greater safety risks.


Ⅲ. ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Application Problem-Solving Methods

(1) Prevention Of Galvanic Corrosion

The reasonable choice of fiber optic cable hanging point, can reduce the probability of electric corrosion, and enhance the quality of operation of the power communication network.

Should be scientific planning of the line, the distribution characteristics and strength of the induction electric field, and other information to obtain and evaluate, to ensure the scientific feasibility of the location of the hanging point, to reduce the impact on the ADSS fiber optic cable.

It can be processed with the help of a corona discharge ring so that the tip discharge phenomenon can be effectively controlled. The value of the starting corona voltage is significantly increased so that the occurrence of corona discharge can be controlled.

In practice, different factors should be caused by the electrical corrosion problem for targeted analysis, to clarify the specific impact characteristics, and to take effective preventive and control measures.

(2) Reasonable Selection Of Fiber Optic Cable

Doing a good job in the reasonable selection of ADSS fiber optic cable can also improve the operational reliability of the cable and reduce the failure rate of the line.

All kinds of influencing factors of ADSS fiber optic cable should be considered comprehensively, with the help of advanced computer software for simulation and calculation, taking into account the degree of influence of parameters such as mechanical performance, dynamic factors, and weather factors. To ensure that a practical plan can be formulated in the field of erection.

Improve communication with relevant manufacturers to implement comprehensive control of the performance of fiber optic cable to prevent more problems in the application.

The application of electric trace resistant PE outer sheath material is more in practice, which can effectively improve the electric trace resistance of fiber optic cable and extend the service life of fiber optic cable.

(3) Strengthen The Construction Control

The erection quality of ADSS fiber optic cable should be controlled in the construction process.

Clarify the erection layout of the line, survey the surrounding trees, buildings, and pipelines in advance, reduce the impact of external factors on the operation of ADSS optical cable, and prevent the fault of ADSS optical cable caused by the erection environmental problems.

The construction should do a good job in the protection of ADSS fiber optic cable, especially the surface layer should be cleaned in time to prevent the problem of dirt and flash and causing serious failure.

Strengthen comprehensive supervision at the construction site to ensure that the relevant technical standards and specifications are strictly followed in the installation to prevent malfunction caused by improper operation.

(4) Good Operation And Maintenance

In the operation of ADSS fiber optic cable should develop a perfect maintenance plan, for which the hidden problems are comprehensively investigated and controlled to promote the extension of service life.

According to the actual operating requirements of the power line develop a reasonable operation and maintenance program to ensure that the use of optical cable performance and safety meet the requirements.

For the maintenance process to be reasonably optimized, the establishment of a perfect system to prevent the emergence of formalized problems in the maintenance operation and maintenance.

The help of special maintenance tools to implement inspection, especially after the occurrence of bad weather should increase maintenance efforts to prevent serious damage under the influence of external environmental factors.


ADSS fiber optic cable has obvious performance advantages, so it has become a common type of fiber optic cable in a current power communication system, which can guarantee good transmission quality.

However, the problems of electrical corrosion, impaired mechanical properties, dynamic changes, and environmental factors in the application of ADSS fiber optic cable, also lead to a decrease in the stability and safety of communication networks.

For this reason, the application level of ADSS fiber optic cable should be gradually improved through the prevention of electrical corrosion, reasonable selection of fiber optic cable, strengthening construction control, and good operation and maintenance, so that its performance can be fully optimized.