New Energy Automotive Wire Development Rapid Turnaround

Entering 2023, new energy electric vehicles occupy a high position on the travel and transportation list. As the heat of new energy vehicles soars, their supporting automotive wire also ushers in a big hit.

Many countries and regions have proposed that they will vigorously promote new energy vehicles in the next decade or so, and gradually reduce the proportion of traditional fuel vehicles in new car production and sales and car ownership.

At the same time to promote urban public service vehicles electrified alternative, the promotion of electricity, hydrogen fuel, liquefied natural gas-powered heavy freight vehicles, as well as transportation tools and equipment low-carbon transformation.

It is also actively expanding the application of new and clean energy such as electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, and advanced bio-liquid fuels in the transportation sector.

Automotive wires from ZMS are characterized by tough product quality and high safety.
Automotive wires are the most important link in the automotive power generation system

New Energy Automotive Wire Development Momentum

From the point of view of market scale, China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the “China Association of Automobile Manufacturers”) data show that China’s new energy automobile market in January-November 2023, automobile production and sales were completed 8,426,000 and 8,304,000, respectively, an increase of 34.5% and 36.7% year-on-year. 34.5% and 36.7%, with a market share of 30.8%.

It is expected that in the next few years, the export of new energy vehicles will also show blowout development.

What Is an Automotive Wire?

A new energy cable is a new energy cable used to transport power cables, mainly used in wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, and other renewable energy fields.

Compared with traditional cables, new energy cables have higher heat resistance, cold resistance, and weather resistance, and can adapt to various environmental conditions.

The cable can be customized for different application scenarios according to the actual needs to meet the needs of different configurations and specifications.

Cable is the Nerve of New Energy Vehicles

Layout of automotive wires within the automotive structure
Transmission structures are required at multiple locations within the automobile structure

With the international community’s increasing attention to energy and environmental protection as well as the strong support of national policy, vigorously promoting new energy vehicles has become a general trend. Cable is the nerve of new energy vehicles, the new four automotive that is electrification, network connectivity, intelligence, and sharing can not be separated from the cable.

New energy vehicle cable, that is, used in new energy vehicles on the wire and cable of the abbreviation.

According to different application scenarios, new energy automotive wires can be divided into in-vehicle cables, charging pile cables, and charging cables with the car.

With the development of the global new energy industry, technological advances, and market demand, new energy cables play an increasingly important role and will become an important medium for connecting new energy devices and power grids.

ZMS can produce new energy automobile cables with high and low-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oil and water resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, tear resistance, and flame retardant properties.

At present, the new energy automobile cable insulation layer as well as the sheath to elastomer cable, has good resilience, easy, and space-saving, the industry is currently the main choice of TPE, TPU, XLPE, heat-resistant XLPO, PVC, silicone rubber, fluorine elastomers and so on.

Supporting Facilities – Automotive Cable Development to Benefit

The rapid development of new energy electric vehicles for its supporting cable industry provides a good market opportunity.

With vehicle manufacturers increasing investment in the field of new energy vehicles, automotive electrification has become a general trend, new energy vehicle cable will also usher in a new point of growth, is expected in 2025 the global automotive cable market size will reach 18.060 billion yuan.

Whether from the perspective of industrial transformation or the perspective of energy strategy, the prospects for new energy automotive cables are very broad, In the next five years the field of new energy automotive cables will usher in a huge space for development.