Performance Of Power Cables

  1. Electrical Properties Of Power Cables
    Electrical conductivity — Most products require good electrical conductivity, and individual products require a certain resistance range.
    Electrical insulation performance — insulation resistance, dielectric coefficient, dielectric loss, electrical resistance characteristics, etc.
    Transmission characteristics — refers to high-frequency transmission characteristics, anti-interference characteristics, etc.
  1. Mechanical Properties Of Power Cables
    Refers to tensile strength, elongation, bendability, elasticity, flexibility, vibration resistance, wear resistance, and resistance to mechanical force impact, etc.
  1. Thermal Properties Of Power Cables
    Refers to the temperature resistance level of the product. Operating temperature wire and cable for power transmission heat and heat dissipation characteristics, load capacity, short circuit, and overload capacity. Heat deformability and thermal shock resistance of synthetic materials. The thermal expansion of the material and the drip performance of the impregnated or coated material, etc.
  1. Corrosion And Weather Resistance Of Power Cables
    Refers to electrochemical corrosion resistance, resistance to biological and bacterial erosion, chemical resistance (oil, acid, alkali, chemical solvents, etc.) erosion, salt spray resistance, light resistance, cold resistance, mold resistance, and moisture resistance performance.
  1. Power Cable Aging Performance
    Refers to mechanical stress, electrical stress, thermal stress, and various other external factors. Or the role of external climatic conditions, the product, and it’s component materials to maintain its original performance.
  1. Other Properties Of Power Cables
    Including the characteristics of some materials (such as the hardness of metal materials, creep, polymer materials compatibility). As well as certain special characteristics of the use of the product (such as non-flammability, resistance to atomic radiation, insect bites, delayed transmission, and energy damping, etc.).

Product performance requirements, mainly from the use of each specific product, the conditions of use, as well as supporting equipment and other aspects of the relationship. In a product of various performance requirements, there are bound to be some of the main, decisive roles, which should be strictly required. Some of them are genus. Sometimes certain factors are constrained by each other. Therefore, it is necessary to study and analyze the comprehensive consideration.

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